Mark Watches ‘Doctor Who’ Liveblog – The Girl Who Waited

Oh, look at that title. Look at that title. Tonight is going to be the very best. ALLOW US TO LIVEBLOG DOCTOR WHO AND FLAIL TOGETHER. No, seriously, the title alone excites me.

No, seriously, the title alone makes me excited. Oh god, I love Amy and Rory so much.

No spoilery images for me!

This liveblog starts relative to you. So if it is airing on your television, start liveblogging away in the comments. Same for if you happen to be watching it online by less-than-legal means. (Though I would just time it with another time zone so you can comment with other people!) We already do this with Fringe and it works rather nicely. To avoid seeing spoilery comments regarding the episode from past livebloggers, I merely stay on the first page of comments and comment away, only going back after it’s over in order to comment on what other people said.

Sound fine? Just make sure not to post spoilers before this episode airs.

The review for “The Girl Who Waited” will go up on Monday, and then I’ll continue watching Battlestar Galactica. I’m also rather excited because I now have cable in my new apartment, which means I get to watch it live on BBC America! THIS IS WEIRD, I DON’T UNDERSTAND THE THINGS I AM FEELING.

See y’all tonight!

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