Mark Watches ‘Battlestar Galactica’: Season Two Predictions

I think that from here on out, I’ll keep my predictions/theories as a separate post. I’m not going to take a huge break between scenes to best replicate what it was like for those of you who followed along with a show in real-time, but I like the idea of giving myself at least 24 hours to formulate some ideas about what is going on with Battlestar Galactica. Is it time for everyone to squirm while I either eerily predict or hilarious fail at guessing what is going to happen in season two? YES IT IS.

This post is only going to serve one purpose, and it’s unfortunate that I have to spell it out for everyone. But each time I’ve done this in the past, people confirm or deny my theories, post their own theories at the time and heavily hint at what is correct, or are just generally thoughtless and considerate. I am aware of just how irritating this is, but it’s fun to predict these things and sort out my thoughts.

Please do not hint, insinuate, imply, confirm, deny, giggle at, or point out anything in these predictions. To be safe, I’ll probably avoid the comments anyway, but I would like to put these thoughts out there so you can all be gloriously entertained by my constant state of unprepared. After season two, I’ll go back to see what I was right or wrong about.

So, here goes. Here’s what I think is going to happen in season two.

  1. Adama won’t die (SORRY HE CAN’T), but in the meantime, the ship will have to deal with XO Tigh being in command.
  2. Starbuck is going to kill Boomer on Caprica in the first episode of season two.
  3. Lee will be let out of his “imprisonment” (or whatever you call it) to lead a mission to retrieve the stranded crew on Kobol.
  4. Roslin will get out of the brig NOT by breaking out, but by some legal means, by the end of the first episode.
  5. Ok, let’s get into a whole host of issues I think season two will deal with. By the end of the season, we’ll have confirmation of whether Ellen Tigh is a Cylon or not.
  6. We will learn of two more models of Cylons, bring the total known to six models.
  7. Something will cause the humans to abandon the idea of living on Kobol. I’m not actually going to guess because I don’t have nearly enough information. Well, hell, ok, how about the Cylons? I mean, the Cylons were floating just off the planet, so they already know it’s there. Actually, the more I think about this, the more obvious it seems.
  8. Dualla and Billy will FINALLY just starting dating. Could they? They are so cute together.
  9. Roslin’s cancer will go public by the end of the season.
  10. Baltar will meet a version of Six that is not inside of his head, and he’ll learn why Six can appear in his visions.
  11. Tom Zarek will make another appearance by the end of the season.
  12. I think we will see the beginnings of (or the full run) of those elections referenced in season one, and I think it will come down to Zarek and Roslin.
  13. If this happens, I predict Roslin will win, but only because Zarek dies.
  14. I’m not guessing how or why Zarek dies. YOU CAN’T MAKE ME.
  15. Ok, here’s one of those predictions that makes no sense, but it makes me laugh so who cares: Cally and Tyrol will hook up. LOOK, I DON’T KNOW WHY. It just seems hilarious.
  16. Ok, let’s get to some good Boomer stuff. Obviously, everyone on the Galactica now knows that she is a Cylon. I MEAN HOW THE FUCK ARE THEY GOING TO EXPLAIN HER ACTIONS OTHERWISE? Actually, I’ll be fucking pissed if this is explained away. The evidence at this point is overwhelming. Anyway! I predict they won’t actually kill her or execute her until Adama is better and he confronts her/interrogates her. Then she will be killed.
  17. So I don’t think the prophecy of Pythia is going to be ignored at all in season two. If anything, it kind of has to be acknowledged, especially since Roslin disobeyed Adama’s orders. I think Roslin will publicly announce that she believes she is a prophet for the lords of Kobol, but will wait to do so until she is running for President.
  18. Baltar’s got a heavy load to carry as well, and it seems Six has hinted that he’ll need to “protect” the children of God, so we’ll learn more about why he needs to be the Hand of God and how that clashes with Roslin.
  19. I think we will get flashbacks of Starbuck, Adama, Tigh, Lee, and Roslin. God, I want a Roslin flashback SO BADLY.
  20. Ok, let me try some ridiculous prediction for the end of the season. I think that they will find a sign that Earth exists. Not Earth itself, maybe, but some confirmation.


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81 Responses to Mark Watches ‘Battlestar Galactica’: Season Two Predictions

  1. cait0716 says:


    I have to wait another day to see your reactions to the first episode of season 2? 🙁 At least it's not several months…

  2. Maya says:

    Prediction: You are not prepared

  3. linzy says:

    Ahzore rvtug whfg znqr zr pel.

  4. Kaci says:

    Mark, you are so cruel. I watched 2×01 last night, thinking that your review would go up today. I somehow forgot you do prediction posts between seasons. The problem with this being that now I have to wait A WHOLE DAY before I can watch 2×02 to get back on schedule with you. THIS IS SO CRUEL. AHH.

    Also, I'd totally be on board with a Tyrol/Cally hookup and yet I can not for the life of me explain why.

  5. NB2000 says:

    *says nothing, just squirms*

    Does the ban on giggling extend to giggling at how unprepared you are? *does it anyway*

  6. clodia_risa says:

    I’m going to giggle, but I’m not going to tell you what I’m giggling at. I think that’s fair. But I’m giggling so incredibly much right now.

    Mark, you are completely unprepared.

  7. echinodermata says:

    <img src="; alt="such fun!">

  8. Please do not hint, insinuate, imply, confirm, deny, giggle at, or point out anything in these predictions.
    Wait, what if I want to do ALL OF THESE AT THE SAME TIME?

    Roslin will get out of the brig NOT by breaking out, but by some legal means, by the end of the first episode.
    Roslin will get out of the brig by initiating a brig check. She will have to discard two Consolidate Power cards to do this, of course. Chief will play Scientific Research to make Engineering positive. Tigh plays 2 cards, Chief plays 1 card, Boomer plays 3 cards, Adama plays 1 card, Zarek plays 0 cards, and Roslin plays 1 card. The check barely passes, and it's clear it's been spiked by a Cylon. Everyone suspects Boomer. Roslin discards an Executive Order to move to the President's Office. It's a shame she didn't use her turn to XO Adama, who is in Sickbay and won't get his full card draw.

  9. monkeybutter says:

    Yay, I don't have to squirm and can actually enjoy these!

    I really hope we get to see more than two new Cylons, but I can also understand if the writers hold back since they're already using Six and Boomer pretty intensively. I'd like 3, maybe 4, but not necessarily known to the fleet. I also like the idea that they can't stay on Kobol, if only because the show is called Battlestar Galactica, so they should be in space. 😉 I like the idea of Kobol giving them direction and hope, though.


    15: Okay, at first that struck me as really, really wrong, but then I realized I could like that pairing. Damn you.

    17: I personally wish she would leave it until after the election (I agree with the first half of 13), because I don't want it to be used against her ("Oh look, she's delusional. How can we trust her to uphold democracy if she thinks she's a prophet?") or for cynics to think she's only claiming to be the prophet who will lead them to Earth so that she'll be elected, which would be my first instinct. But I could also see rumors about her being a prophet spreading from the Olympic Carrier and Galactica. Hmm. That's a hard one.

    • echinodermata says:

      *pokes you and all the other new watchers for your own predictions, should you have any.*

      • monkeybutter says:

        Oh, god, this hard. I have newfound respect for Mark's trelawneying.

        – Boomer and Sharon will meet. Awkwardness ensues, but they show that they're individuals and not just copies, which will help some people see Cylons as living, thinking beings.

        – For that matter, Sharon, Helo, and Starbuck go back to Galactica together. It won't be easy, but I just want everyone in one place for at least 5 minutes.

        – Lee and Starbuck don't deal with their issues, and I suffer.

        – Baltar becomes more erratic after his vision on Kobol, and I laugh at his suffering. I think someone (besides Six) will catch on to his lies and manipulations, or call him out on his behavior. I'd especially like it if Baltar's test was exposed as a fraud as a result of Boomer finding out she's a Cylon, but maybe he gets away with it because it was just a beta.

        – BABIES BABIES BABIES. Population concerns are brought to the forefront, especially if the civilians spend time on Kobol. There'll be a contingent who want to settle and start civilization over again.

        – The prediction that Roslin has six months to live is wrong, as those sorts of things usually are.

        – Space parents learn to cooperate a little better after this whole disaster. I hope.

        – We hear more about Cylon God, lol

        • echinodermata says:

          yay predictions! I alas cannot really reply to you, except to say the babies part reminded me of this bit from Better Off Ted:

          "Veronica: In fact, we need to talk about us. And the future of our babies and how they'll be committed.
          Walter: Wow, that's a lot to take in. Okay.
          Veronica: I need this relationship to have a future because I need babies. That's right–big, screaming babies shooting out of my uterus, just stacking up like cordwood.
          Walter: Really?
          Veronica: Yes, sir. That's all I ever think about–the future, babies, and commitment. Future, babies, commitment. Future, babies, commitment. Commitment, commitment, commitment, commitment."

          • exbestfriend says:

            Veronica: Children, they have so many uses. They’re like adorable Swiss Army knives.
            Ted: Although they can’t open wine worth a damn.

            (I miss that show)

  10. nitrospira says:

    I am squirming and laughing my fracking arse off at how unprepared you are, Mark. Season 2 is on of my favourites.

    I cannot wait for you to start watching it!

  11. pica_scribit says:

    Here's my ridiculous prediction (yes, I am just exactly as unprepared as Mark is):

    Boomer shooting Adama is more complicated than we are currently lead to believe. Maybe he *is* a Cylon after all, and that version of Boomer really *has* partially broken her programming. If her Cylon consciousness is aware that the crew of Galactica are in danger from Adama, this might be her way of protecting them, without her cover consciousness realising it.

    Yeah, that's pretty "out there", but I don't think we've seen the last of the "Is Adama maybe a Cylon?" plot, and this would make for an interesting twist.

  12. cait0716 says:

    But each time I’ve done this in the past, people confirm or deny my theories, post their own theories at the time and heavily hint at what is correct, or are just generally thoughtless and considerate

    I understand this entire sentence except the bit about posting our own theories. What's wrong with that, exactly? I like seeing other people's theories as much as Mark's

  13. Mauve_Avenger says:

    I read "post their own theories at the time and heavily hint at what is correct" as one item. As in, a person who's already watched the entire show remembers or otherwise still has access to their thoughts from when they were first coming into the second season, posts them, and includes hindsight analysis of those predictions in a way that hints at what's really going to happen.

  14. plunderb says:

    Question for Mark:

    How do you figure out how to spell the character names and things like "Pythia" correctly without getting spoiled? You can't go to Battlestar Wiki. Does someone vet them for you? Or are you just an awesome speller?

    • xpanasonicyouthx says:

      An awesome speller combined with a pretty decent Googler. 🙂

      • plunderb says:

        I would be so afraid to Google! I just tried Googling two different characters and there are major spoilers in the first lines of their Wikipedia articles, which are the first hits. Be careful!

    • notemily says:

      Watching with closed captioning/subtitles on always helps! I can't speak for Mark.

  15. hilarius11 says:

    Oh Mark. Mark, Mark, Mark…..

    Let me just say that 1) You are not frakking prepared. 2) Cally and Tyrol is the worst (best?) idea ever, IMO. and 3) You are not frakking prepared.

  16. ChronicReader91 says:

    My own personal not-frakking-prepared PREDICTIONS:

    1. Adama won’t die or be unconscious for very long (this is TV, after all), but he will be found physically unfit to lead the fleet for the first half of the season.
    2. Tigh won’t agree to let Roslin out of the brig until people start to insist upon having a president and try to get Tom Zarek to take her place.
    3. They will send a rescue team for the survivors on Kobol, but once they find them, something will go horribly wrong and they will have to leave one person behind. Either Tyrol or Crashdown will elect to stay and sacrifice themselves. (For the record, I’d be perfectly happy if I was wrong here.)
    4. Helo will come to accept that Caprica Sharon is different from the other cylons, and that she really does love him, but something tragic will happen and cause them to be separated.
    5. In that same vein, we’ll start to see physical signs of her pregnancy, but the baby will not be born by the end of the season.
    6. Still in that same vein, we’ll learn what the cylons’ deal with babies is, but their plan will still be a mystery.

  17. ChronicReader91 says:

    7. Kara and Lee will come close to confessing their feeling for each other, but they won’t go through with it or make any moves.
    8. Billy and Dee, and the other hand, will. AND THEY WILL BE SWEET AND ADORABLE AS EVER
    9. We’ll find out ANOTHER character we know is actually a cylon.
    10. Out on a limb here: the prophecy about the arrow of Apollo and the tomb of Athena will NOT come true, leading Roslin to have a crisis of faith and doubt her status as a prophet, but there will be something else found on Kobol that will lead the fleet to Earth.
    11. Finally, in the category of completely personal wish-fulfillment: at some point, Kara will punch Baltar in the face over something. I want SOMEONE to do it, and she’s shown how adept she is in that area.

  18. hassibah says:

    I don't really want to see Cally and Tyrol together, she comes off young and their relationship is little-sisterly to me, not saying I WON'T, but those are currently my Feelings. Regardless I'm glad we're still getting Tyrol screentime-just cause he's not sleeping with Sharon doesn't mean he's not a rad character.

    If she is knocked up I think Caprica Boomer will live to give birth and her pregnant ass will still be on the run from the other cylons who want to get at her kid. The way BSG Boomer's treated will teach us something really important about society. What that is I dunno.

    Lee will get out of the brig next episode because well everybody does.

    There's a vacuum of power and Zarek will play a bigger role in fucking shit up this season than his random appearances before.

    The writers will drop heavy hints to suspect Ellen for most of the season but it'll turn out she's manipulative for un-cylon-related reasons.

    Adama will live. Tigh will piss people off. People will have sex.

    • Sierra says:

      "Adama will live. Tigh will piss people off. People will have sex. "

      Aaaaack, spoilers!! How dare you?!! Now my watching experience will be totally ruined.

  19. feminerdist says:

    I actually have a legit question as to what counts as spoilery, but I don't want to ask my question to Mark cause then it will be spoilery? But … I need someone who has watched the show, like a mod or something to answer my question without having other people who have not watched the show see it.

    If this makes sense at all. God, I'm a tool.

    • Mauve_Avenger says:

      You can type it into here and cypher it, so only people who want to decode it would be able to read it.

      • feminerdist says:

        Ohhh…. so that's what all that alien language is all about. So here's the question. And a simple, non-cyphered yes or no will work. Cause I have no idea how to decode this.

        Vf n gevttre jneavat pbafvqrerq n fcbvyre? V'z guvaxvat va cnegvphyne bs na rcvfbqr va rvgure frnfba 2.0 be 2.5 (vg'f orra njuvyr).

        • Mauve_Avenger says:

          To decode, you just go back to the website and copy/paste it back in. The website works in both directions.

        • redheadedgirl says:

          Since no one else has answered this….

          Honestly, for Mark, since he has chosen to watch the series in as spoiler free a manner as humanly possible, that's part of the risks he takes.

          For anyone else, I honestly think that trying to remain spoiler-free and wanting trigger warnings is counter-productive. If you know you need trigger warnings (and are aware of the nature of this show, which we should all be aware of by now), then by all means, seek them out, But I would caution against posting them here until after the review has gone live, just to avoid spoilers.

          • feminerdist says:

            That's what I thought too, but I know some people do have very bad reactions sometimes. Hence why I was erring on the side of caution.


  20. Mauve_Avenger says:

    I'm pretty sure a lot of this is more of a wish-list than a true prediction post, but whatever.

    -Galactica Boomer may be executed, but not before voluntarily giving the fleet more information about the Cylons in an attempt to partially redeem herself. There will be a huge controversy concerning whether or not to believe her intell given her status, but at least some portion of her information will be proven true. Some will even revise their opinions of the Cylons and call for her sentence to be reduced, but she will still be killed.

    -Alternately, Boomer will be used (dead or alive*) to study the humanoid Cylons in more detail. This will lead to a better understanding of how Cylons work, as well as to a better, faster test for Cylons than Baltar's original. (*I'm thinking she'll be alive, because 1) I want her to be and 2) if I remember correctly they already have a Leoben cadaver and haven't really done anything with it, which might suggest that their bodies have limited scientific utility sans consciousness.)

    -We'll see more of Gaeta's personality and beliefs. We'll get more use out of his background in the sciences (perhaps in the previous item?), and he'll continue to be both adorable and amazing despite occasional slip-ups and setbacks.

    -Most of the season will consist of the Galactica having to fight off the Cylons for enough territory to do whatever it is they need to do with the Arrow of Apollo so they can find and join the human population on Earth. Toward the end of the season they'll get what they need to do that, but there'll be considerable fighting over whether to find the (possibly fictitious) Earth or simply continue fighting for complete control and permanent settlement of Kobol.

    -The above conflict will become the major issue in the Presidential election, with Roslin supporting going to Earth and Zarek calling on the fleet to stay put on Kobol. To go back to something I thought while watching "Colonial Day," I think that Zarek will see that Roslin is winning and engineer his own death (or perhaps just the death of one of his advisors?) in such a way as to cast suspicion on Roslin. So she'll win by default, but there'll be a lot of people unhappy with the results.

    -We'll encounter at least one other Cylon agent embedded in the fleet, which unlike Boomer actually will actually know for certain that it's a Cylon. We've already noticed that the Cylon agents look to be without family or other long-term ties, so I'm going to say that the writers will up the ante by having two Cylons who claim to be related in some way. Either siblings or perhaps a parent-child duo.

    -Alternately, we'll encounter a Cylon agent who has an unwitting human family. Possibly including Cylon-human children?

  21. enigmaticagentscully says:

    Yay for predictions though! ^^

    I swear this is the worst show ever for spoilers. When I first watched it I was less careful than I should have been and I found out a couple of the WORST POSSIBLE THINGS TO FIND OUT.
    For those of you who have seen the show – just think of a few times when something has happened that just BLEW YOUR MIND and you can almost guarantee that I was spoiled for it.

    *sigh* Be careful Mark! I wish you luck!

    • HungryLikeLupin says:

      My friends keep accidentally spoiling me. <_< STOP TELLING ME THINGS PEOPLE YOU KNOW I HAVE ONLY SEEN THE FIRST TWO SEASONS!

    • notemily says:

      Yeah, it's one of those where it's so EASY to find out "so-and-so is a Cylon" accidentally, especially now that the show's over. I managed to stay unspoiled while I was watching (mid-season 3 was when I watched the whole show I think) but I did see some spoilery images online (like [spoiler] Gvtu jvgu na rlr cngpu.)

    • hassibah says:

      This was my sitch for Buffy-I found out every major spoiler. I wasn't even looking, I'd be reading a comic and there'd be an ad in the back for a Buffy comic that's like "This takes place right after blank blanks blank"
      Ugh whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy would you do that?
      That said it didn't really take away from my enjoyment of the show.

      • notemily says:

        Yeah, the first episode of Buffy I ever saw was in season 6, but I still loved watching the rest.

        • hassibah says:

          I ended up watching season 4 first, then I went back to the beginning.

          Also, I totally forgot that amonth or so ago I found some video about BSG from season 4 that was like "there are 12 cylon models" and then it was just a montage of all the known cylons. But apparently I forgot all the ones that aren't Six so yay!

    • klmnumbers says:

      the first episode of this show that I saw was the SERIES FINALE. I was just flipping channels on the couch and was like 'OH HEY, THIS LOOKS COOL. WHAT IS – OH MY GOD, WHAT IS HAPPENING?!'

      So, I then watched it from the beginning but had about 90% of the major plot points spoiled. =(

  22. HungryLikeLupin says:

    Sadly, all my friends have watched this so I KEEP BEING SPOILED FOR THIS SHOW SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS STOP TELLING ME THINGS, so I feel your pain. And because I'm afraid that saying anything at all will lead to me accidentally spoiling something, I'll just leave you with a visual summation of my excitement for this project in general:

    <img src=""&gt;

    That is all. -_-

    • I'm really sorry that you keep getting spoiled. This isn't a show that entirely relies on surprise for its success, but not to be able to discover things the way they intended it — yuck. 🙁

      Also: ILU RACHEL.

    • cait0716 says:

      I feel your pain. The first time I watched this show was during the hiatus between seasons 4.0 and 4.5. My mom had been watching religiously and finally convinced me to watch it with her, from the beginning. Every now and then (like several times an episode) she'd pause to make sure I'd caught something or to point out some foreshadowing. She never explicitly said anything, but I definitely knew what to be watching for and what to expect in the future

  23. virtual_monster says:

    What the hell? A predictions post? We were not prepared.

  24. fantasylover120 says:

    My predictions (I can totally do this now!)
    -Adama lives (because I want him too)
    -I'm totally for Duella and Billy getting together.
    -Apollo and Starbuck make up (possibly get together? ;crosses fingers;)
    -More character reveals will come that will blow our minds.
    -The election will come and Roslin will win? ;crosses fingers;
    -Something bad happens to Boomer (both of them). I don't want this to be so, but I have a feeling stuff for her is going to be bad this season.
    -More Adama/Roslin relationship developement be it romantic or friendship. Okay this is just something that I want because I'm sorry I ship these two. But I'll take the friendship/drama if I can't have romance because I just find their relationship fascinating on any level and want them interacting a lot.
    -Someone becomes more suspicious of Baltar because it's bound to happen sooner or later.
    -I am so unprepared it's not funny.

  25. Tilja says:

    I haven't even watched over the end of season one, so here's my own guesses:

    -Roslin will die, forcing Baltar to become the new President.
    -During the elections, Zarek will be killed and so Baltar will win the elections and continue being president.
    -I think the XO should die at the hands of his own wife. Reap what you sow.
    -Caprica Boomer won't be killed, not until she has her child at least. Then Helo and Starbuck will take it to Galactica.
    -I think a lot of the older people will have to die in order for the new generation to take control of the fleet.
    -Billy will become the next vice president. WHY NOT?
    -Someone starting or forming a relationship will die.
    -The Cylons will destroy Kobol, forcing the exodus to continue in search of Earth.
    -The humans will destroy Kobol in order to kill the Cylons.

    And I can't think of anything else right now. It's too late and I had a very long day. It's fun to make predictions when you know absolutely nothing and everything will be ridiculous anyway. xD

  26. TreesaX says:

    I laugh maniacally at your unpreparedness.

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