Mark Watches ‘A Very Potter Sequel’

I’m actually glad that I waited to watch A Very Potter Sequel until this past weekend, as it’s gotten me properly pumped for the great Week of Harry Potter. It also made me realize why both of these Starkid musicals are so wonderful: They are parodies that inherently love the source material. Let’s discuss A Very Potter Sequel!

I really wish they would release these musicals as DVDs. Right???

I think that I was initially hesitant to watch both AVPM and AVPS, and that same fear I have of disliking something fandom loves crept up on me again. I’d heard the songs were great, the humor was bursting through the lines, and that it was a loving tribute to J.K. Rowling’s wizard series. Even more specifically, my sense of humor is kind of bizarre. I guess I don’t always find the same things funny as others. Which is not to say I’m ~totally edgy~ and a ~unique special comedy snowflake~. Just that I have a different taste, I suppose.

Thankfully, there is a whole LOT that I find funny about these musicals and the inclusion of a new character in AVPS certainly made me enjoy the sequel musical even more than the first.

I like lists, don’t you?


– Brian Holden as Lupin. Look, I made it no secret during Mark Reads Harry Potter that Lupin was my favorite character in the series. I think what I loved so much about the Lupin found in AVPS is that he is absolutely nothing like this character. I also felt that they had multiple running gags instead of making him a one-note character. He couldn’t stop swearing; he was never on time; he was constantly found in awkwardly incriminating situations; he understood almost nothing. Honestly, I could not wait for him to show up on screen again.

– Lauren Lopez is our lord and savior. I’m sorry, I don’t care, but I could watch her do anything and I’d love it. She has perfect comic timing and delivery and she manages to make an extended joke about pooping and diapers funny for like two and a half hours. I am not above body humor in the slightest, but to take one joke and continually make me laugh over such a prolonged time is immensely talented. Plus, as I said before, the way she uses her own body to make me laugh is brilliant. Could she be famous and make a billion dollars soon? She deserves it.

– Tyler Brunsman as Lucius Brunsman. My god, what better way to make fun of the man than to make him this ridiculous? So much beautiful prancing.

– I think I prefer Umbridge to Voldemort. Just barely. Though there were times when Joe Walker’s portrayal was kind of terrifying? Like legit creepy.

– HEDWIG!!!!!

-Oh my god, why isn’t Scarfy canon????

– I actually really liked the method in which this story is told: Using a Time Turner to return to Hogwarts. It was an interesting way to revisit these characters and still technically keep the first musical as its own story.

– I’d actually have to count, and perhaps it’s just bad memory, but I feel like AVPS had less songs than AVPM, but I actually enjoyed the songs more than the ones in the first musical.


– I said it multiple times during the liveblog, but I would pay to own every single one of Draco’s drawings as framed posters.

– My favorite songs always seem to be the most serious ones. Bonnie Gruesen’s performance on “The Coolest Girl” was kind of heartbreaking. And lord, can that woman sing.

– On that same note, Darren Criss sounded lovely on “To Have a Home.”

– Darren Criss always sounds lovely. What am I saying?

– Hell, could Darren Criss, Bonnie Gruesen, Lauren Lopez, and Joey Richter just sing like ever song ever? They all harmonize really, really well.

– “There’s no way we’re losing to Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Jigglypuff.” Lupin, you have my heart.

– The reoccurring joke of Umbridge not getting texted back? Remarkably in-character. Genius.

– “Why that’s absurd!” “You’re absurd!” “What??? Say that to my face!” “YOU’RE ABSURD!” “THAT’S ABSURD!”

– “Bless his soft adorable paws that he trips over when he’s running too fast.” No, bless YOUR heart, Lupin.

– “I am a racist. I despise gingers and mudbloods, I hate Gryffindor house, and my parents work for the man who killed your parents DO YOU WANT TO BE MY FRIEND.”

– “You know, using the potty is a GREAT time to socialize! You just look over to the stall next to you, and you just have a right chat with your neighbor. ‘Oh! Hello there! First time using the potty too, eh? Pfffft. Good luck, my man.'” oh my god i laughed so hard.

– “Best way to say Red Wines in a German accent?” “RED VINES.”

– “Hey Lupin, want to go look at a full moon with me?”



– Sirius kind of bored me? It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t…amazing?

– Sometimes, Umbridge was a bit TOO much.

– NOT ENOUGH PIGFARTS. where was rumbleroar


I don’t have anything ~deep~ or ~thought provoking~ to say about AVPS and I am perfectly okay with that. It was just fun. And sometimes I just want to enjoy something purely for the entertainment value.

I’ve heard rumors that there is a third musical planned? Does anyone know if this is true? GOD I WOULD LOVE IT. I am hoping I can sneak in to the StarKid presentation at LeakyCon this week because I MUST SEE THESE GENIUSES IN PERSON.



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101 Responses to Mark Watches ‘A Very Potter Sequel’

  1. Michelle says:

    Could have done without the lolrape humor in this, alas. Didn't ruin it for me, but did leave a bad taste in my mouth.

    <img src=""&gt;

    • breesquared says:

      That is the one thing about the 4 hour story that bothers the hell out of me.

      And no one better come after that penguin, it's adorable.

    • affableevil says:

      Alas, AVPS is on my list of things that I can mostly enjoy but could be Way Awesomer if not for rape jokes. Rape: still not funny.

    • Nikki says:

      Same with me. I was enjoying it so much, but was so severely disappointed when that part came up. I still love it overall and prefer it to AVPM, but I'll never be okay with the rape joke..

    • lyvanna says:

      I agree.

      Although that is kinda what the book implies.

      • Lady X says:

        Whaaat??? What rape joke? I was not aware

      • breesquared says:

        The book implies she was kidnapped. It does not imply any sexual violence happened to her.

        • Muneca_brava says:

          This comment is late, I'm running behind on these posts I'm afraid.

          In the books, Umbridge is kidnapped by centaurs and we later see her again, clearly heavily traumatised. While there are no explicit references to rape in the text, rape is a recurring motif in centaur mythology. It's what they do, so to speak, n almost all myths involving them. So I'd say the implication is there, and it even seems that JKR, with her knowledge of myth, must have KNOWN the implication existed.

          So while the AVPS scenes are indeed very problematic, they didn't come out of nowhere.

          • breesquared says:

            Umbridge hates other magical beings besides humans in a very intrinsic way. Being in their meer presence upset and disturbed her. I always thought they did some crummy things to her to scare her, but not to physically harm her. She was in the ~wilderness~ with ~uncivilized beasts~ and it was ~awful~. JKR deviates from actual mythologies a lot so I don't think we can assume she would stay true to centaur myths, especially this sort.

            (And the reason why the AVPS 'joke' is bad is because at the end of the musical, Umbridge is arm in arm with her rapist and happy. Rape was a happy ending for her… so even if AVPS took it from a mythology, they really fuq'd it up. >_<)

          • pooslie says:

            I also got the impression from the book that she was raped?

    • Jenna says:

      better gif, tbh

      spoiler-ish for dh pt 2 tho

  2. I’d actually have to count, and perhaps it’s just bad memory, but I feel like AVPS had less songs than AVPM, but I actually enjoyed the songs more than the ones in the first musical.
    I didn't feel that they were as catchy; I wasn't rushing off to the Internet to find a place to download them. No "Goin' Back to Hogwarts," "Ginny's Song," "Granger Danger," "Voldermort Is Going Down," etc. It could be that I've been listening to those songs for months and love them so much that on a first liveblogging listen, these songs didn't make as much of an impression. Could just be a matter of taste, of course. ("Hermione Can't Draw" and "No Way" were probably the ones I liked most.)

    I may prefer AVPM to AVPS overall if only because it was first and it just blew my mind with HOW THE FUCK IS THIS SO AWESOME AND WHY AM I ONLY SEEING IT NOW, but there were many things I loved about AVPS too. Like Lupin (OMG) and Hedwig (adorable!) and VAMPIRE GREMLIN ROBOT and the Quidditch match (did AVPS have a larger cast of extras? I feel like there was more full-scale choreography) and time travel mayhem and DANCING LUCIUS and the constant Red Vines and, oh, so very many other things.

  3. canyonoflight says:

    I didn't like this one as much as the first. As Michelle said, I could've done without the lolrape humor. I also feel like the only Starkid fan in the world who doesn't roll on the floor with laughter at "Hermione Can't Draw." ::shrug:: However, "To Have a Home" and "Coolest Girl" are two of my favorite StarKid songs.

    You have to watch Starship next and then Me and My Dick if you have time. Starship is superb! Their web series Little White Lie is pretty good too.

  4. affableevil says:

    The quote at the end about how amazing Hogwarts is, and maybe someday we'll get to see our kids there makes me tear up everytime. Also I just love that whole end song. SO GOOD.

    Also, I love the little shout-outs to A:TLA in these plays. Made my fangirly heart squee very much.

  5. Suzie says:

    Considering how much i love sirius in the books i was disappointed at this portrayal. But lupin more than makes up for it! Also. Yes. As far as i know they have a story for the ‘threequel’ and just need Darren to be free for long enough…

  6. laura says:

    Omg Mark, I am so glad you liked it! I’m here at Leakycon now and excited to see you on Friday! YOU ARE NOT PREPARED! IT’S GOING TO BE EPIC!!!

  7. bell_erin_a says:

    I have returned! Despite appearances (by which I mean my complete absence from MarkReads/Watches) I did survive my spring break (I'm still a tad upset that it meant I missed the last MJ review though *sniffle*), at which point I decided for my sanity and in order to survive the rest of the semester that I should cut my consuming addiction for Mark Reads/the refresh button, and even though it's summer, it's still amazing how little time I have? Anyway, hiya again, guys!

    I'm seeing Harry Potter on Friday (so excite! So utterly crushed at it ending as well!) in NYC with one of my best friends. Why this matters is that she hasn't read the books and thus doesn't know how the series ends. Which means, to my disappointment, I couldn't make her watch AVPM/AVPS due to spoilers, but I am so excited that that won't be a problem anymore in a few days! So of course once we get back to school I am sitting her down in front of YouTube and we are watching this Starkid amazingness. tl;dr but whatever.

    I've only watched it once, so I don't remember too much about it (although I do think I liked AVPM better. Maybe because I've seen it about a million times?) So because I don't remember AVPS all that well, I don't have a ton to say. But I will comment on this:
    – “Best way to say Red Wines in a German accent?” “RED VINES.”
    One of my most favorite jokes. I don't even know why, except it's just really funny to me.

    MARK I AM CROSSING MY FINGERS FOR YOU, OKAY? Also, awesome site you've got here. 😀

    • stellaaaaakris says:

      Hey, you're back! I'm glad you survived your break. I know what you mean about needing a break from Mark Does Stuff sites, but he keeps reading books that I adore/want to read. I can't say no.

      My brother stopped reading the books part way through GoF but he's watched all the movies and is going to the midnight showing tomorrow (it's finally here!) and I know he's very confused a lot of the time because things aren't always explained, like the Vanishing Cabinet in HBP and the mirror in DH1. But he has watched AVPM (I made him, and he thought it was hilarious) so he knows how it ends. Although if he expects a slow motion run through the meadows between Quirrell and ghost Voldy, he'll be very disappointed.

  8. breesquared says:

    Just wondering, Mark, are you considering watching the other StarKid musicals? (Me and My Dick, Starship).

  9. Kari says:

    great now I am going to have to go watch this AGAIN because you reminded me of all the awesomeness there was in that musical!

  10. hallowsnothorcruxes says:
  11. OMGHermoineShutUp says:

    The last I heard about A Very Potter Threequel was that it was put on the shelf until everyone's schedules, especially Darren's, calmed down. It would be pretty impossible for him to be doing Glee and acting in a Starkid show, especially since he has to do the Glee Tour in the summer.

  12. stellaaaaakris says:

    I love the songs of AVPS. With the exception of Goin Back to Hogwarts, Granger Danger, and Voldemort is going down, the songs of AVMP were more for the jokes (which I loved, but there's only so many times I can watch a tap dancing Voldy – though my love for Quirrellmort knows no bounds), the songs of AVPS really captured the spirit of the HP series. Coolest Girl and To Have a Home make me want to cry. No Way makes me cheer. And Days of Summer with the reprise of Goin Back to Hogwarts makes me cry and cheer and declare my love for Starkid.

    I love how each Starkid musical, the songs become more attuned to their singer. Darren Criss, the genius that he is, really knows his cast by now. AVPM, the songs were fun but except for Jaime Lynn (Ginny), nobody's voice blew me away. This one, Tyler and Bonnie, good god, my ears enjoyed listening to them so much. Starship, Joey, Dylan, and Brian(s) blew me away. (YOU SHOULD ALL WATCH STARSHIP. IT WAS DELIGHTFUL AND HAS QUITE A FEW EARWORMS. PLUS LAUREN LOPEZ OF COURSE.)

    I love Lucius with his lovely, luscious locks of light blonde hair (yes, I worked on that). He's so fierce and an awesome dancer with an amazing voice. And in Not Over Yet, the one who is stroking his chest is the guy who plays Sirius.

    Oh, and when Snape sees Lily in the Mirror…my heart.

    • lyvanna says:

      Snape seeing Lily in the mirror made me actually gasp and jump out of my chair first time I saw it. Then tear up a little. Awesome moment.

  13. stellaaaaakris says:

    Oh, oh, also, if you meet Starkid, can you please take a picture with them (especially Lauren) and post it here so we can all stew in jealousy at the sheer level of awesomeness in one photo/one place? I wish I could go to LeakyCon to see you and them but I'm very much stuck in New York.

  14. vermillioncity says:


  15. Nikki says:

    All this exciting HP stuff lately is starting to get to me.. In all my many years of being an HP fan, I have never once been a part of anything in the fandom and it's making me sad. And with all the stuff coming up.. ugh..

    I have no where else to put this, so I'm just going to dump it here. God, how I wish I could be involved in SOME KIND of HP fandom activities. I wish I had some way to go to LeakyCon. (I live in Florida, but have no transportation) I wish I had friends who were also HP fans. I wish I could attend Mark's panel. I just feel so left out of all of the fan fair and this is the LAST movie. I have no one to celebrate with and nothing to do but wait until my mom feels like going to the movie theater, which could take weeks.. It feels like my last chance is slipping me by..

    On topic, I love AVPS. <3

    • ToastofDoom says:

      I'm know how you feel man, I live in northern Canada, so I have never had the opportunity to go to events like LeakyCon without considerable personal expense. I'm also pretty irate that the only movie theatre in my city that is playing DH isn't even doing a midnight showing this year, since this is the first time I could have gone.__But I take comfort in the fact that there is still an awesome fandom to be found on the internet, and there is a pretty amazing community here at Mark Does Stuff, and also, I will go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for my 21st birthday next summer come hell or high water!

    • hazelwillow says:

      I feel that way too! I live in Ontario and I've never gone to any Harry Potter events.. or been much involved in the fandom boyond reading fansites rabidly. Listening to the live mugglecast the other day made me seriously jealous. Those people were all in the same room! Agh.

      I'd advise you to do something dorky on your own and simply KNOW THAT WE ARE ALL THERE WITH YOU IN SPIRIT.

  16. sauce. says:

    I didn't like how Umbrage's portrayal verged on transphobic at times? It wasn't particularly vitriolic, but the whole theme of "I thought you were a man, we were having sex, turns out you're a woman!" sort of thing hit a nerve. Maybe I'm being sensitive, whatever. I liked her portrayal aside from that.

    Ultimately I preferred the first one, I felt this one dragged a bit in places.

  17. pennylane27 says:

    I loved it. I can't stop listening to the songs. I am in love with the whole cast. I am not ready for my Harry Potter to end tomorrow. I am not dealing with this very well.

    • Kirby_T says:

      I am so not dealing well that it's not even funny. I thought I could hold off these feelings until the cinema at least, but knowing that in 24 hours I will standing outside the cinema wearing my Gryffindor scarf for the last time (of a midnight showing obviously, not ever) is making my chest hurt so much.

  18. teaspooncapacity says:

    Did you know that Starkid is a major fan of Avatar? I hope you caught several of these references, and if not, then you learn new things every day!

    [youtube 75vDl-4yFM8 youtube]

    • DuskQ says:

      "Um, at the Yule ball, we kissed. And I thought we were going to be together FOREVER but we're not,"

      made all the difference. LOL

  19. Megan says:

    I'm afraid this might be racist, but I was hoping Corey Dorris (Yaxley) would play Sirius so that they could say he was Sirius-ly Black… ehhh

    I think that Nicholas Joseph Strauss-Matathia (sp?), who played Sirius, had a really good look and everything, but you're right I wasn't entirely sold.

    I agree Umbridge was a bit much, but that time when Harry said "Do your worst!" and Umbridge turned around and LOOKED at him… shivers.

  20. Whitney says:

    Omg yes come to the StarKid event, I will be there! :’D

  21. Stuart says:

    I LOVE AVPS and actually prefer it to AVPM, I think the songs are whilst not as catchy, I do think they are better with "The Coolest Girl", "Those Voices" and "Guys Like Potter".

    My favorite thing about it though, is Joe Moses as Snape, every scene between him and Lupin and him and Ron had me laughing and then we had, as I said above, "Guys Like Potter" (my personal favorite song of the lot) and him seeing Lily in the mirror – not to mention the brilliant scene where he gets drunk.

    And Finally, Umbridge's face behind Cho Chang = Nightmares until the end of time.

    • Erin says:

      I agree about Joe Moses, he has some of the best moments! I'm a book!Snape fan anyway, but I was really surprised at how much I loved AVPM!Snape, especially since he's totally different. But then, all the characters are way different from their canon counterparts, I guess that's part of what makes the whole thing so hilarious, lmao.

  22. Will says:

    Comment unrelated, but have you reviewed your Avatar Season 3 predictions? I'd love to see a post on that because you did pretty well!

  23. bgsu marauders says:

    As someone who has seen them in real life…Lauren is just as amazing in the flesh and everyone is even more fantastic than you could imagine! …have fun =D and watch out for those Puppy Kitties =P

  24. crimsongirl says:

    Mark, how could you forget Luna/Draco at the very end? I am disappoint D:

    But in all seriousness I'd have to agree pretty much. Although substitute Pigfarts with Lauren! And Voldy edges out Umbridge by just a bit for me.

  25. nanceoir says:

    I didn't watch AVPM when you liveblogged it before, though it's something that my HOL friends have loved for ages but hadn't felt like watching.

    Well, I finally watched AVPM and AVPS over the last couple of days, and I had fun. I think, musical-ly speaking, AVPS felt more solid to me, with stronger set pieces and choreography. And I think it might have been funnier? To me, anyway. I feel like I laughed more.

    Also? You know how there's that drop-down-ish menu on YouTube to see the videos someone uploaded? Well, when I started, I saw StarKidPotter had a video called "A Very Starkid Album," which I thought was cool, and good for them and all that. And then I got to "To Have a Home" and stopped watching to look up if I could get it somewhere. SUCH A PRETTY SONG.

    Anyway, I'm really glad I finally watched these, and I don't think I would have without you, Mark, even if I don't join in on the livebloggy fun. 🙂

  26. bookgal12 says:

    I really enjoyed the short song at the Mirror of Erised, it was simple but it was so sad. I thought Lauren Lopez as Malfoy was flawless as usual. It was so nice to see so many of the main cast back together. I want to give a small shout out to the song "The Coolest Girl in the World" It was a brilliantly done song plus we finally got hear the vocal chops that Bonnie Gruesen has.

  27. elyce says:

    I have AVPM/AVPS on DVD! No, seriously, I do. I'm that talented ;] Actually, it's super easy to do as long as you have a DVD burner on your computer. 😀

  28. tori says:

    Oh my gosh, you're so lucky to get to see the actors in person! Please take me with you!!!! But will you ever post a review of AVPM? Because I know that liveblog was a long time ago and I totally missed it. I'd love to read your coherent thoughts on the best musical ever!

  29. NopeJustMe says:



  30. Erin says:

    Remember that time
    When you wouldn't talk to me
    When you wouldn't talk to me

    <img src=""&gt;

  31. Erin says:

    Also, the Starkid group has (iirc) talked about providing a high-quality video version of the shows that people can download and burn to DVD. But when they first started the AVPM project, they apparently contacted Warner Brothers to ask about copyright stuff and were told that they could film and distribute it, but only if they didn't ask viewers for money for the tickets/video. So I don't think they'll ever start making DVDs of the show because the money to produce them would have to come out of their own pockets, with no profit off it.

  32. LadyFiona89 says:

    Just thought i would post my video of Darren singing Granger Danger at Borderline, i know it's not AVPS, but still great song:

    [youtube cMM2p6a84ak youtube]

    A Very Potter Threquel won't be done soon because Darren is busy with Glee and then Glee Live in the summer.

  33. Brieana says:

    "I feel like AVPS had less songs than AVPM, but I actually enjoyed the songs more than the ones in the first musical."
    I haven't read all the comments so maybe this has been addressed. You mean fewer. Since you can count the songs, you say fewer. If it's something that you can't count like music I suppose? You would say less. Less music; fewer songs.
    Wow, I'm correcting your typos.
    Anyway, I'll go now. But I'll add a friendly reminder that you haven't posted your TGC review yet.

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  38. pooslie says:

    Hi, so I am late to this party by over a week but i just wanted to say that i always use 2 of Umbridge's lines ALL the time.

    "why don't you love your MAMA" i say to my dog whenever she is like screw you guys i am going upstairs o lay on the bed

    and "did you get my text? you didn't text me back" i say to my husband constantly because he never returns texts.

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  41. hazelwillow says:

    Very late here, but just to say if Mark or anyone has not seen the Potion Master's Corner, you should look it up. Behind the scenes interviews with the whole cast, done by Professor Snape in character. I HAVE NEVER LAUGHED SO HARD.

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  47. aficat says:

    Um, I think you mean Malfoy, not "Lucius Brunsman".

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  66. Becca says:

    Best part of StarKid: THEY'RE TOTALLY NORMAL. I met Jaime Lyn Beatty on a city bus in Chicago and of course I went all fangirl on her, but she sat next to me and we chatted for a good 20 minutes! BEST 20 MINUTES OF MY LIFE EVER. And then she tweeted me that night. I just love all of them so much.

  67. fxgeorges says:

    HAHAHHA yes I did watch it a long time ago and have re-watched it again and again ,I love it!! Love Darren Criss, Joey Richter, and Lauren Lopez 🙂 Check out the sequel A Very Potter Sequel!

  68. Beth says:

    You didn't even address the Umbridge and Dumbledore love?! "Getting Along" was the best song! The doorslam was magnificent!

  69. IceBlueRose says:

    This is such an old post, I know, but I just had to know if you'd gotten a chance to see the Starkid Tour at all? Or even videos of the concert – especially the ones where Darren Criss managed to actually be there? I didn't get to go but I've seen videos and OMG, it looked amazing and fun and AWESOME!

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