Mark Watches ‘Doctor Who’: S06E07 – A Good Man Goes To War

In the seventh episode of the sixth series of Doctor Who, The Doctor assembles an army to fight for Amy, but when things don’t go as planned, everyone faces one hell of a twist. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Doctor Who.

So I’m gonna be real with all of you. It is now 9:30pm on Saturday night and my alarm is set for 3:45am. I’ve got to catch a shuttle to Cow Palace in South San Francisco to go to Opening Ceremonies  for the 10th AIDS/LifeCycle ride. I seriously cannot write this review write now without passing out. This rarely happens, but my stream copy took hours to load and I just got way behind schedule.

SO! I know many of you Whovians use Mark Watches as a sounding board to discuss this show, so I’d like to continue facilitating that, and you’ll get a full review when I get back to Internet civilization in a week.

Please remember to tag your theory conversations with SPOILERS ABOUND before you begin discussing theories so that those who don’t wish to theorizing do not accidentally read your comment. And despite that I don’t think any exist, it must be said that spoilers are not allowed.

Thanks for the understanding and thanks for all of the thousands of dollars donated to this cause. You are all wonderful people and I appreciate it forever!


About Mark Oshiro

Perpetually unprepared since '09.
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