Mark Watches ‘A Very Potter Musical’

Oh lord, it is finally happening. After many promises and failed attempts to get a SINGLE COPY of this massive musical, I have discovered a method wherein we can do a liveblog of A Very Potter Musical. And so, we shall do it.

Welcome, my fellow StarKid and Harry Potter fans. I feel as though I’ve already seen half of this musical through the sheer force of the GIF-age alone, so it’s now time for me to TRULY watch it.

This liveblog will take place on SUNDAY, JANUARY 16, AT 11:OOAM PST. In order to sync up our viewing experience, PLEASE USE THIS WORLD CLOCK TO MAKE SURE WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME TIME.

Since this is not on a DVD or single viewing source, below you will find our viewing schedule for each part of this musical, located on YouTube. We will watch each part and then have TWO minutes in between parts, so that ads/videos can load and you can take a pee break if necessary. We will have a 15 minute intermission between Acts I and II. This way, at any given time, you will know EXACTLY what video we are watching if you have to join in later.

If you have the time to do the entire thing, please not that due to the breaks/pauses between videos, this will take us over three and a half hours to accomplish. And yes, we will do A Very Potter Sequel soon as well.

Sound good? You are welcome to test out the links below to make sure they are correct. I cannot wait to give this a shot!

Please, if you can, send this out to people on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, etc. I know a lot of people from my MRHP days wanted me to do this and I couldn’t find the time or method to do it. It’ll be an awesome reunion of sorts, YES?????



11:00am: Act 1, Part 1
11:07am: Act 1, Part 2
11:16am: Act 1, Part 3
11:27am: Act 1, Part 4
11:39am: Act 1, Part 5
11:49am: Act 1, Part 6
11:58am: Act 1, Part 7
12:06pm: Act 1, Part 8
12:13pm: Act 1, Part 9
12:24pm: Act 1, Part 10
12:36pm: Act 1, Part 11
12:44pm: Act 1, Part 12
12:53pm: Act 1, Part 13
1:03pm: Act 1, Part 14


1:18pm: Act 2, Part 1
1:29pm: Act 2, Part 2
1:40pm: Act 2, Part 3
1:50pm: Act 2, Part 4
1:58pm: Act 2, Part 5
2:10pm: Act 2, part 6
2:19pm: Act 2, Part 7
2:28pm: Act 2, Part 8
2:37pm: Act 2, Part 9


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3,581 Responses to Mark Watches ‘A Very Potter Musical’

  1. Randomcheeses says:


  2. TheHufflepuffProject says:

    Will you be posting general thoughts about it? I'm unfortunately going to be out of town when this is going on! πŸ™

  3. Danielle says:


  4. Lumosnox says:


    We gotta get back to Hogwarts, we gotta get back to school!

  5. kaybee42 says:

    SO EXCITED! I will be AMAZINGLY prepared with snacks and shizz πŸ˜€

  6. Fiona says:

    Should be good, only seen part 1 and 2.

  7. ladysugarquill says:

    I can't make it! I have a birthday party (it'll be 4pm here).


  8. exbestfriend says:

    This is the best news EVER! And a totally awesome plan!

  9. sophpoph says:

    Wow, 6AM here. I'll have to go to bed early! Excite!

  10. carma_bee says:

    Awesome! I already have both musicals on my computer so I'm all set. πŸ˜€ I'm also super glad that you figured out the times for each part up there.

  11. Kristina says:

    YES! 8pm here, what better way to spend a Winter Sunday evening! Finally πŸ˜€ :D!

  12. Mark, how will the spoiler policy apply here? Obviously anything that explains plot or gives away plot should righteously be banned (with cool lightning bolt effects, please), but what about words that are already in our vocabulary? I wanted to make sure before I accidentally use a phrase that will cause for the mighty hand of God to smite me or something.

  13. Oh, and I am full of excite for this, because you are a bamf blogger, mine Astral Plane hero.

  14. ashesfromasupernova says:

    Will the massive legion of MRHP-ers slow down YouTube? I hope not because count me in!

    • bookling says:

      Probably not. Everyone was watching at the same time when AVPS was released, and all the AVPM fans were definitely more than all the MRHP fans.

      • ashesfromasupernova says:

        Awesome, thanks for the reassurance! I've had some videos do that before because of a lot of viewers and I just wanted to make sure.

  15. Vicki_Louise says:

    I will be there! Woohoo.
    I was going to watch it last year, but only managed a few minutes, something put me off it, i don't what it was or why. :\
    But i'm very excite to watch along with everyone, this'll be my first liveblog!
    *Hurries to bookmark all the links and check the world clock so she can be completely ready*

  16. Julia says:

    Oh!!! EXCITE! I've been listening to the soundtrack all week at work to both of these and I was just thinking about how I wanted to watch them again!

    I'll definitely twitter this!

  17. stellaaaaakris says:

    Oh my goodness, so excite! I haven't been able to participate in a liveblog yet. Hopefully this one will work out! Maybe you should post this on your Mark Reads site as well so those who pop back up for your MRHP rereads will know.

    Also, just a warning. The sound quality is not the best. I actually gave up on it when it first came out because I couldn't understand what they were saying. Only when a friend who'd seen it already forced me to watch it this summer, filling in all the lines I couldn't understand, did I come to love it. And now I've seen it multiple times. So I'd suggest headphones or external speakers. Unless you have supersonic hearing, in which case, you're good.

    • bookling says:

      Yeah, sometimes the audience laughing drowns out a character's line. It took me a couple of viewings to finally get ALL the lines. But we can all fill it in for those who haven't seen it. πŸ˜€

    • Pseudonymph says:

      Agreed. I would also recommend having the lyrics to the songs open to reference. Although, that might not be feasible when you want to watch what's going on at the same time. It did help me during a re-watch to have the lyrics right there so I could catch all the words but it might not be worth it during a first watch.

    • Kristina says:

      Actually, there is a playlist out there with somewhat better sound. This is Act 1, Scene 1, just take it from there:

  18. Oh man. I have never seen this, nor do I know very much about it at all, so I am excited!

  19. Stacey says:

    YEEEEEEEE! I watched AVPM last week, but of COURSE I'm prepared to watch it again! I've been waiting FOREVER for you to watch this. I'M SO EXCITED!
    Just wondering, are you going to watch only the Potter musicals? Or will you maybe watch MAMD too? xD

  20. Minish says:

    WARNING – A Very Potter Musical/Sequel contains very adult and, at times, dark humor. If you're a sensitive snowflake, you miiiiiiiiiiiiight want to sit this out.

    • murgatroid1 says:

      Really? I didn't notice anything worse than what's already in Harry Potter

      • Minish says:

        You're kidding, right?

        Let's just say… it was made by college kids for a college audience. They even removed it from YouTube to re-edit it because it was TOO adult and they were worried about getting sued. Harry Potter may have adult themes, but AVPM/S cranks it up to eleven and turns them into comedy.

        • potlid007 says:

          I disagree, most of the humor is completely slapstick and ridiculous. I don't think there is anything offensive about it, other than the fact that several Zefron posters were harmed in the making of it.

        • stellaaaaakris says:

          I always thought they removed it from YouTube because of copyright issues. It was called "Harry Potter: The Musical" or something and that's a nono. And they said they edited out about 3 minutes. My impression was it was mostly language.

          Yes it's a parody that was made for college kids with a college kid's sense of humor. I wouldn't recommend watching it with anyone really young (at least certain bits), but anyone in middle school or older should be fine.

          • valdora says:

            I wasn't so much language as some of the more sexual jokes. Many of which may have been ad libed in the first place.

          • Kelly says:

            I watched the unedited version last night and it was fantastic. haha. Definitely much more sexual though. It's floatin' around the internets if you search hard enough.

            It's a bit ridiculous that I've watched this play 8+ times… no shame though. It's fantastic. πŸ˜€

            OH MAN I'M SO EXCITED FOR THIIIIIIS. [as if I need an excuse to watch it again. psh.] I'm gonna wear my Very Potter Musical shirt and everything!!! πŸ™‚

            • Minish says:

              I was actually one of the people who found the musical while it was still unedited and had to wait two weeks after they took it down just to get my fix, even though I'd already seen it about 9 or 10 times (realistically, anyway. It felt like I'd seen it 30 times). But, yeah, it was more than just a copyright issue. Most the jokes they cut were sexual, though, yeah. The ad libed ones were mostly from Dumbledore.

              But remember there's also plenty of lighthearted promotion of racist, homophobic, and sexist stereotypes and discrimination, as well as jokes about child abuse, child neglect, sexual assault, statutory rape, bestiality, etc. between the two plays which I, within the context of the plays, had no issues with. But from the amount of soapbox speeches I've read in the comments of these very blogs, the play could potentially stir up a shitstorm of moral grandstanding, which I'd rather avoid.

              I'm not so much saying "if you're quite young" as opposed to "if you're easily offended by crude humor."

  21. Spugsy says:

    OMG! I am ridiculously excited by this I literally cannot stop grinning! Okay breathe…

  22. coughdrop says:

    Oh man, I cannot wait for this! A grand start to the year!

  23. Vicki_Louise says:

    What's PST and which city does it come under in the world clock thingy? (I'm from the UK and can't speak the confusing language of time zones!)

    • wenuwish says:

      Los Angeles (Pacific Standard Time)
      I'm pretty much living on PST even though I live in NZ because my school is based there. πŸ™‚

      • Vicki_Louise says:

        Thank you! That means it'll be about 7pm GMT, which is peak time, oh dear.
        If my interwebs fail i shall be forced to Exterminate/Avada kedavra some innocent peoples. Just saying.

      • PaulineParadise says:

        Thank you! I had tje same problem. Turns out it’ll be starting at 8PM over here! That’s just perfect, right after dinner!

    • Pseudonymph says:

      Pacific Standard Time and I used Seattle as a reference since I live in Portland,OR.

  24. Claire says:

    Although I may not join in the Liveblog, I just wanted to put in my 2p – it's possible to download Youtube videos through Realplayer – I have all of AVPM and AVPS in my iTunes. If anyone's interested I can post how it's done (actually, most of you will be able to figure it out anyway and faster than I did), then people can spend the time between now and then downloading them if they have slow Internet (if you do, I feel your pain!)

    • Please post, because I'll be in the hospital for 24 hours in the near future, and I'd love to be able to watch it and distract myself. πŸ™‚

      • Claire says:

        Ok, I'm doing this on Mac OS X 10.6.5 so it may vary depending on your computer.

        1. Download RealPlayer (mine has 'SP' in the icon but I believe it's just the newest free version of RealPlayer). Also download RealPlayer Converter (also free)

        2. In Realplayer, find where it says 'Open RealPlayer Converter' and 'Open RealPlayer Downloader'. Open both of them (in my version it's under the 'Window' menu)

        3. Open your favourite web browser and find AVPM Act 1 Part 1 on Youtube.

        4. As soon as the video starts loading, it should appear in RealPlayer Downloader. The download will take as long as it takes the video to load as normal on Youtube. When it's finished loading a 'Download' button will appear. Press it. When the 'Convert' button appears, press that too.

        5. Go back to RealPlayer Converter. Choose what format you want the video in and where you want to save it. To play it as a video in iTunes it needs to be saved in H.264 format.

        6. Press 'Start'

        7. When it's finished converting, open iTunes, go to 'File' -> 'Add to Library'. Find your video and press 'Choose'

        8. Congratulations! You know have AVPM Act 1 Part 1 in your iTunes library!

        You can load multiple videos at the same time in RealPlayer Downloader by opening multiple tabs of Youtube. You can also set a queue of videos to convert, then walk away and come back later when it's done.

        Hope that helps!

        • Xocolatl. says:

          It's a little different for Pc XP computers and the like- instead of a separate Realplayer window thing, a little download button pops up over the video. Just to help those Pc's out there! πŸ™‚

    • t09yavorski says:

      Another program that works is DVDVideoSoft. And if you download the whole set it also gives you various converters as well (for audio, video and youtube)

      Just search it on google and you should be able to find it.

    • Amanda says:

      There is also a Firefox extension called "Easy Youtube Downloader" that adds a nifty little Download As button next to the Embed button under the video, which lets you choose your download format.

  25. scholastika says:

    Not sure I'll be able to join in but I'm so ridiculously excited that you're doing AVPM! It's my go-to thing when I'm feeling down, never fails to put a smile on my face πŸ˜€

  26. Narcissaa says:

    <img src=""&gt;

    I wont be here till act 2 but that's ok! EXCITED.

  27. EmmylovesWho says:


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  29. Hanah says:

    TOTALLY AWESOME! I am very excited for the first liveblog I will actually be able to be present for! Huzzahzles!

    (Also, as advice to anyone who is worried about slow streaming or anything – I am planning on opening all the parts up in separate tabs beforehand so that even if the streaming at the time is terrible beyond words, I shall be set and ready with my parts at hand! Obviously that means having many tabs open which some people may not like, but it's an idea!)

  30. xpanasonicyouthx says:


    Bring it.

  31. sara_subrosa says:


    Warning, Mark: Serious Earworms Ahead.

    I am so excited for this liveblog.

  32. potlid007 says:

    and you asked for it:
    <img src="; border="0" alt="AVPM Pictures, Images and Photos"/>
    <img src="; border="0" alt="avpm quirrelmort Pictures, Images and Photos"/>
    <img src="; border="0" alt="AVPM dumbledore office fight Pictures, Images and Photos"/>
    <img src="; border="0" alt="draco on table Pictures, Images and Photos"/>

  33. ShayzGirl says:

    OMG! ILY Mark! I have to work Sunday, but I am off work at 12pm, which is 11am your time. So, I'll be able to join in after I come home and turn on my laptop and stuff! OMG! Excited!

  34. BitterLimeParakeet says:

    Oh my gosh, yay! This is so exciting. Mark, I found your MarkReadsHP blog right after you finished it, so I never got to take part in all of the awesomeness as it happened. I did, however, read it from beginning to end after I found it. I would just like to thank you for sharing your wonderful reading experience and so many personal stories with all of us. It really touched me and I can tell that it touched many of your other readers as well. I am super excited because I will be here on Sunday, so I can participate in a live blog with all of you for the first time! AVPM is great, so this will be a lot of fun!

  35. rys says:

    I FIND that to be excellent.

  36. sdempster1016 says:


    <img src=""&gt;


  37. sdempster1016 says:


    <img src=""&gt;


  38. peacockdreamz says:

    6am on monday here if my calculations are correct
    oh well its happening and it will be totall awesome!

  39. Roonil Wazlib says:

    Oh no, I am going to be at the Patriots football game on sunday! and while I'm very excited for that, I'm bummed that I have to miss the liveblog!! I hope you enjoy it and I definitely look forward to hearing your thoughts since we have all been quoting it and GIF-ing it (is that a word?) for so long!!

  40. badwolf says:

    Oh man, going to have to join in for this liveblog!
    I'll wear my AVPM shirt and my Ravenclaw scarf I bought in Orlando when I went last week (homgggg).

    Also, I might have gotten a hold of the unedited version of AVPM >.>

  41. Angry Kem says:

    Just a bit of advice (maybe usable for AVPS, if not AVPM): Team Starkid actually has its own YouTube channel. It's possible to play each musical continuously (you click on the name of the musical you want only once, and each part loads automatically); there's a slight lag between the end of one part and the loading of the next, but it's not too bad. If you still want to do the two-minute-delay thingy, you can do it here without having to click on another link. The channel's URL is:

  42. GreeceKitty says:

    I freaked out because I thought the 16th was Saturday, but aodldakd YEEEEAH SUNDAY /READY TO PARTY

  43. feesha724 says:

    Yay πŸ™‚ I'm so excited for you to see this and I've never gotten to do a liveblog before so this'll be fun

    I'm so glad you are able to do this at 11 instead of 12…that means that I get to participate until Part 3 of Act 2 πŸ˜€

  44. xbelle89x says:


  45. Laubird says:

    It's time to go back to Hogwarts.
    Did I ever mention that one of my close friends almost stage managed the first one and then did assistant stage manage the second one?

  46. summeriris says:

    Have a nice time. I really cannot take an American High School Potter. High School Musical is very good don't get me wrong, but it is very American and that is not a bad thing. It seems capture the spirit of a High School very well. I don't know how accurate it is, but what it does, it does well. I am British and the books are British, and 'A very Potter Musical' gets it wrong. I simply cannot stomache the racism in the piece. Yes I know, how can they be racist toward the British? They are. In the very same way those stupid films 'Made of Honour' and 'Leap Year' are insulting to the Scottish and Irish specifically and the British in general.

    • calimie says:

      Then they're insulting, but not racist. The UK is not a race.

    • Britain isn't a race. You could say it's a poor parody, but it's not racist.

    • potlid007 says:

      It doesn't capture high school at all. They are basically poking fun at Harry Potter, not at the British. There is absolutely nothing in there that specifically makes fun of the British. a parody can't "get something wrong" because it's a parody, and it's supposed to get it wrong. that's what's so funny.

    • vermillioncity says:

      …Really? Cause I'm about as British as a person can get, and I don't find it insulting at all. It's an affectionate parody, and StarKid don't even try to feign British-isms (so I'm not sure how they can "get it wrong"); they're unapologetically who they are, and they put a lot of heart into it.

      • You said it so much better than I could. There's so much love for Potter from this cast, it's just meant to be farcical and light-hearted.

        • summeriris says:

          Being Brtish and being offended by the misconceptions of people who do not even try to understand how the United Kingdom is a seperate and different country from the United States and has a different culture. Why, how dare I be offended? It's an affectionate parody, what is there to be offended by?

          Gee whizz, I don't know what I'm thinking of knocking this show. So it would seem that I am being entirely unreasonable in taking umbrage at what is to me sloppy writing, (where it has not been plaigerised from a seperate source). Ghastly interpretation, and finding the Cho Chang scene extremely racist. What has come over me, actually having an opinion?

          • potlid007 says:

            <img src="; border="0" alt="snape doesn't care Pictures, Images and Photos"/>


          • brionybrioche says:

            *huddles unreasonably with you* I'm Australian (British- born father, unknown caucasian European mish mash heritage Australian born mother) and I find this offensive and yes GHASTLY is the word, and the Cho Chang scene was unbearable *face hidden for eternity* I also find it … not funny.

          • brionybrioche says:

            Um so. Britain isn't a race? I… what? What? Well neither is anything else, there is only one race, the human race. Ntionality then. People from the UK are British or Scottish or Irish or Welsh or whatever. That is their NATIONALITY. Come on now we know what Summeriris means by rascist here, insulting is not a correct subsittute word. I'm insulted when someone makes fun of my shoes. I'm something else when someone makes fun of my nationality. You can ABSOLUTELY be bigoted and "rascist" against Brits, Scots, Irish. (mad drunk sentimental fiddle playing pub brawling Irishmen with red hair anyone?)

            • brionybrioche says:

              People from the UK, their accents, passtimes, clothing, etc ugly stereotyping of these people is extremely common in *humour* and not at all okay. Its ugly and embarassing, alienating and marginalizing the way rascism is always ugly and embarrasing and alienating. Telling people they shouldn't be offended when they feel their home country/heritage is being mocked or whatever is OMG SO NOT COOL! If someone is offended and feels alienated by humour then they are offended and feel alienated.

              I turned off after the Cho Chang introduction scene, I was offended whatever my nationality is. Ew.

              • brionybrioche says:

                Sorry for many comments, It won't let me post my long rambles in one go.

                • thecheapshot says:

                  I never said Summeriris shouldn't be offended by what was happening in AVPM, I just said I didn't think the Cho Chang scene was racist (which I still stand by). I also said that the British aren't a race.

                  I'm British born and bred and if I see something that makes fun of my accent or my clothing or my culture, I either laugh (if it's funny) or turn it off (if it's not). I don't get all het up and offended because as someone white, Britsh and middle class I'm coming from a pretty serious place of privilege and bandying loaded words like 'racist' around in this kind of context is actually pretty offensive in itself. There is real racism (and all sorts of prejudice) happening throughout the world that this really doesn't hold a candle to.

                  Plus, I've not actually seen any examples from either of you where AVPM actually makes fun of the British. It makes fun of HP and the various tropes, cliches and handwaves the series uses. It also places most of them in a US high school context rather than a UK one because that's where the writers came from. If you can give me some quotes or scenes, I'll be happy to discuss them with you.

                  You use the example 'mad drunk sentimental fiddle playing pub brawling Irishmen with red hair' as an example of racism and I'm not debating that with you. However, the Irish have suffered prejudice and oppression in some parts of UK culture for hundreds of years. Yet the UK has been a world power, with at one time the largest empire in the world. I'm struggling to think of a time where the British people suffered any kind of oppression ever (that wasn't internal and focussed specifically on their 'Britishness'). Nope, nothing coming to mind.

                  I'm also struggling to think of other examples of people making fun of British people in modern comedy. All the examples I can think of are British in origin. Even British-Asian people make fun of and stereotype themselves (Goodness Gracious Me). We take the piss out of ourselves! It 's almost the only export we have!

                  Come on people – we're not the oppressed minority here with no voice and made to suffer only negative views of ourselves in every cultural medium. If you didn't like AVPM, fair enough. But calling it racist towards the British boggles my mind.

                  • Rose Brazeale says:

                    I'm American, but my ancestry is Irish + English, mostly Irish. My family has a lot of pride in our Irish heritage, and I never felt like the 'mad drunk sentimental fiddle playing pub brawling Irishmen with red hair' thing was insulting. Though this is the first time I heard of the fiddle-playing part, there's nothing wrong with a fiddle. I've been told many a time that my red hair is gorgeous. And Dad always said the English gave them alcohol so they wouldn't take over the world. Said in a joking manner, really. And Dad also likes to tell stories about how a member of the family got into a bar fight and it was a choice between prison and the military, they choose the military, and then become an American hero. Stereotype or not, I'd never take any Irish stereotype as an insult.

                • thecheapshot says:

                  Oh god, I wrote this amazing post that referenced history and talked about prejudice and privilege and called 'racist' a loaded word and talked about how all we British people do is make fun of ourselves.

                  And then I went to the loo and all I could think about was that scene in The Holy Grail where The Judean People's Front (Or the People's Front of Judea? I can never remember) have that argument about prejudice and John Cleese is all 'Where's the foetus gonna gestate? You gonna put it in a box?' and then they agree to fight for that guy's right to want to have a baby.

                  And then I came back and WordPress has eaten my comment. So I thought, instead of writing it all out again (cos I'll never be that succinct and cool a second time around), I'll tell you this story and agree that yes, it's ok for you to be offended by this intelligent, humourous, light-hearted and affectionate HP parody and that we, collectively as MDS commentors, should fight UK and British culture based prejudice and racism wherever we find it.

                  Sincerely yours,

                  Not a splitter πŸ˜€

          • thecheapshot says:

            Siriusly? The Cho Chang scene is making fun of racism! It pokes fun at the audience immediately assuming the Chinese girl to be Cho (just like Ginny) when it turns out to be the white girl. If it was that racist surely the Chinese girl wouldn't have any part of it. Referring to someone's race and using it to make a (silly, obvious) point isn't racist.

            Plus, the 'British' are not a race. We're a nation and we haven't even been 'British' in the modern sense of the word for longer than a few hundred years. If you're white, then you are of the Caucasian race. If it is being insulting towards the British, then the word maybe 'ignorant' or (this is really pushing it) 'xenophobic' but certainly not racist.

            Yes, you do have an opinion and you have every right to express it on this forum but then everyone else has the right to refute and/or disagree with it. And you should expect that kind of disagreement on this particular forum, given as it has been specifically set up to appreciate the Harry Potter Musical! Don't come on to a forum about enjoying AVPM and then get butthurt when (pretty much) everyone disagrees with your opinion when you say you don't like it! Especially when the reasons you give for not enjoying it are spurious and ill-reasoned to say the least.

  47. The Dementress says:

    We have been waiting for this day since Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone!

    Oh and Mark, you might want to put up some basic rules in case we get first time participants. Like your usual liveblogging rules and how to post pics and gifs.

    Commenting anonymously because I couldn't comment while logged in…… Damnit.

  48. Treasure Cat says:

    Well chocolate frogs Mark is gonna finally see AVPM y'all!
    There are no words for the excite, absolutely no words :'D

  49. Yusra says:

    Let's see, exam revision or AVPM?

    Unfortunately, I won't be able to 'attend' even though I haven't watched it because I wanted to watch it with you! =[

  50. Yusra says:

    It may be the intense revision and the subsequent turning into mush of my brain – but I don't get that?

  51. csq says:

    I have yet to see this, but I've been wanting to for a very long time! So this is perfect πŸ™‚ It's going to happen at 8pm were I am, so it's perfect evening entertainment! It sure looks amazing from all the gifs I have seen, so I hope the musical lives up to my expectations.

    Cant wait for it to happen! πŸ˜€

  52. ParanoidFreak says:


  53. elyce says:

    i have a copy of the video… or, you know, all the parts strung together into a neat little .avi file. :] so no youtube for me!

  54. Kristina says:

    I already posted this further up in a reply, but it might be seen by more commenters as a stand-alone post.
    There is playlist with improved sound quality, which I usually use the watch the play. It is much easier to follow.

    This is Act 1, Scene 1, just take it from there:


  55. vermillioncity says:

    HOW I FEEL AT THIS PROSPECT, IN GIF FORM (and if these don't work, I will be, as a wise man once said, IN A RAGE):

    <img src="; border="0" alt="Photobucket">
    <img src="; border="0" alt="Photobucket">
    <img src="; border="0" alt="Photobucket">
    <img src="; border="0" alt="Photobucket">
    <img src="; border="0" alt="Photobucket">
    <img src="; border="0" alt="Photobucket">

  56. Kat says:

    I'll be visiting my dad in hospital. But I'll catch up. πŸ™‚

  57. karsenslater says:

    FINALLY! I will be at work tomorrow but I can't wait to read your thoughts. (: And any thoughts on if you're going to read HP fanfiction? I know you have like 329847923875982375 things going on at Mark Reads. Let us know!

  58. Emily says:

    It's tomorrow?! You couldn't have given us a week to clear our schedules? Which I totally would have done because I have missed every single liveblog and this is now ANOTHER ONE THAT I CANNOT DO DESPITE USUALLY BEING FREE ON WEEKENDS!


  59. Phoebe says:

    obviously we are doing the youtube "kid friendly" version, but i suggest at some point in time you also watch the unsenscered version, which has a couple of lines/ scenes that were omited

  60. Lolua says:

    Yay! This is exciting news. I will probably miss the start, but I'll try to come in sometime in the middle of Act 1.

    According to the schedule there's not really a 15-minute intermission between the parts, just 15 minutes between part start times. Once you play through Act 1, Part 14, it'll be more like an almost-11-minute intermission between the end of Act 1 and the start of Act 2.

  61. Amanda says:

    AWESOME! I missed out on the HP movie liveblogs. SO excited. Thought for a minute I'd be in church at that time, but then I noticed it was PST. That's 1PM here, yay.

  62. Hanah says:


    But I will try and contain myself.

    • Hanah says:

      Okay well I decided that rather than sleep last night, I would watch Serenity and CRY ALL THE TEARS so although my heart is broken into tiny little pieces, I will be able to watch AVPM tonight! Yay!

    • PigRescuer says:

      I knew this was you! And we were going to get together to do this! Damn exams…

  63. notemily says:

    I, LIKE YOU MARK, HAVE NEVER SEEN IT! Only gifs everywhere! And your time is 1pm Central over here so it's a perfect way to spend the afternoon. ~awesomesauce~

  64. lotheterrible says:

    I will be there! I won't be able to see all of it I think, because I have school monday, but I'll try my best!

  65. Phoebe says:

    mark, you might want to do parts 1 and 2 without a break because they are the same big, 10 minute song that they split into 2 parts for some reason.

  66. IceBlueRose says:

    I've just spent a little over a week going through Mark Reads and Mark Watches for the first time so this is awesome! I love that I'll get to join in on a liveblog for the first time and that it'll be AVPM!

  67. Phoebe says:

    <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

  68. hpfish13 says:

    This is the best news ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will try my best to make it!!

  69. Whispy360 says:

    Ohmygosh hooray! *spazzes out* I might miss the first part of it unless I can somehow beg off Church, but I'll definitely be there for act two.


  70. knc says:

    SO EXCITED. I've already seen it twice, but am still insanely excited to see it a third time. YAY!

  71. bingo007 says:

    it wasn't that great.i expected it to be loads better.the snape and draco characters were awesome.others didnt impress me much.

  72. rumbleroar19 says:

    I am so excited!!!!! I can't use the youtube version though due to video streaming restrictions from my IP, but I'll watch the version I have with everyone. I'll just have to pause randomly to keep myself synced with everyone else. :DDD

  73. Anseflans says:

    I´m so excited for this that I practiced with the time schedule for a couple of scenes so that I don´t mess up tonight! (Yes, tonight. It starts at 8 pm for me. Talk about perfect!)

  74. Anseflans says:

    Oh and also, Mark, I don't know if anyone else said this already, but I really suggest a pair of headphones, because (with my laptop at least) the sound doesn't get very loud at some points. Headphones help big time.

  75. Kristina says:

    Ooooh, I just realised I will be watching TWO things things evening… AVPM and the group match Croatia vs. Algeria at the Handball World Championship!!!

    Both start at 8pm and now I am twice as excited, YAY :D!

    And I apologise up front if I start blurting out handball results :).

  76. Phoebe says:

    In case anyone is wondering, this will be my 12th time watching the musical all the way through, and i basically have it memorized.

  77. Stephanie says:

    πŸ™‚ Darren Crisss = supermegafoxyawesomehot <3

  78. Lena Zero says:

    It's totally okay to put my daughter to bed half an hour early so I can participate with no interruptions, yes? And it's perfectly acceptable to ignore the boyfriend for three and a half hours while I ogle, erm, I mean, appreciate the fine performance that Darren Criss puts on, right? Especially if he's been pre-warned so it's his own fault if he turns up during the liveblog?

    Thought so. EEEEEEEEEE excite! I was -just- thinking about re-watching AVPM so this is excellent timing, Mark!

  79. Every time I see AVPM, I think it stands for Alien vs. Predator Muppets.

  80. Historicloser says:

    Is there a way to keep up with the new comments here?
    F 5 takes to long because than you have to find the newest page again.

  81. Whispy360 says:

    I'm here! I'm here! And I can actually be here for the whole thing! *hops up and down*

    I've been meaning to watch AVPM again anyway, so πŸ˜€ (But for now I should probably start working on my project for school. Erg.)

  82. The Dementress says:

    FUUUUU….. It's gonna be 3am here in the Philippines. Should I or what….?

  83. onenotetoolong says:

    I am so excited for this. πŸ™‚ AVPM rules.

  84. Stephanie says:

    yay πŸ™‚ awesome

  85. Stephanie says:

    I'm singing evey line πŸ˜€

  86. Treasure Cat says:

    It should be known I am craving potato babies.

  87. redconverses says:

    OMG. I may have fallen down some of my stairs in excitement. First liveblog ever, so excited. Also FRUIT JUICE AND STEW FUCK YEAH.

  88. Is the party in here, or will there be a new post? Also, can I ask that people refrain from quoting funny lines/scenes in advance during the liveblog for people (like me) who haven't seen it? I have no idea what I'm in for. Like none at all. For reals.

  89. Kelsey says:

    I've got my youtube tabs open and my collection of gifs. I AM READY!

  90. puffleprophet says:

    I didn't just cut my finger making sure I finished cleaning up my dinner stuff before this. Why would I do something like that…?
    In a totally unrelated note, ow, my finger

  91. kaybee42 says:

    I'm very excited! I'm getting my snacks together RIGHT NOW! Red vines anyone? πŸ˜›

    • PeanutK says:

      Dammit! I forgot to pick some up at Costco. πŸ™

      All I have is a salad.

    • Historicloser says:

      Yes, red vines would be perfect for this, I have to settle with chocolate though.

    • wenuwish says:

      I tried Red Vines for the first time when I went to California in December. I couldn't eat them all, they taste like soap. Major disappointment. They're still totally awesome though.

  92. psycicflower says:

    I've never seen AVPM before or done a liveblog so this should be fun. I've got food (including my last candy cane :(), drink, the suggested headphones and my split screen. I'm all set for the fun to begin.

  93. xpanasonicyouthx says:

    I'm making waffles FUCK YEAH WAFFLES.

  94. kaylabeth12 says:

    AHHHHH I'm so excited!!!!!

  95. CharlieInWonderland says:

    So exite!!!! I was just about to suggest this πŸ™‚

    I’m getting my pop to the corn on!

  96. Minish says:


    …I should probably put on some pants…

  97. Araniapriime says:

    Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

    What about now. DAAAAAAAD, are we there yet?

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