Mark Watches ‘Firefly’: Episode 11 – Trash

In the eleventh episode of Firefly, Saffron comes back to plague the Serenity crew with an irresistible job. Unfortunately for everyone involved, it doesn’t end as planned. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Firefly.

Though there are some moments of grim realism that ground this episode, I did appreciate that, largely, “Trash” is a pretty hysterical episode of Firefly, full of plenty of grin-inducing plot twists.

I don’t read the couple plot line summaries that Netflix provides before each episode because I like going into these completely blind. This proved to be a wonderful tool for this episode specifically, which opens with a rather strange scene of Mal sitting completely naked on a rock.

“Yeah….that went well.”

The flashback that leads to this point deals with a shipment Mal picks up from a former war buddy, Monty, who he hasn’t seen for many years. It’s Monty’s new wife, however, that Mal is much more familiar with.

Monty is married to Saffron.

(True story: I was watching this episode with Kasper and I literally yelped and almost fell out of my chair. I never thought we’d see her again.)

Saffron is a fascinating character to me and Christina Hendricks could not be better suited for the job. She’s a mix of feminine power and aggressive control and she switches between her many acts with confidence. That’s really what makes her such a convincing character: her identity is based so much on deception that you never really see which part of her is the actual her. (Well…sort of, but we’ll get to that.)

I was surprised that Mal willingly let Saffron stow in the cargo and his motivations for doing so are still a bit shady to me. When she tried to use her “feminine wiles” (Mal’s words, not mine) on him, I knew it wouldn’t work. I mean…SERIOUSLY, LOOK WHAT SHE DID. Why would anyone trust her? I think this episode suggests that maybe Mal’s quest for a job that pays well might actually work to his disadvantage. But I also wonder if Saffron stirred up something in him the last time they saw each other: Is Mal actually lonely enough that working with a female partner like Saffron actually makes him feel better?

I wasn’t happy that this situation caused yet ANOTHER immature, childish round of bickering between Mal and Inara. (And for the record, I feel like Mal was the abrasive, inflammatory one in that scene.) We now know that Inara has feelings for Mal beyond just friendship and respect, and it’s frustrating to watch Mal unknowingly rebuff her attempts to develop that, as well as his constant need to insult her profession. (I thought we’d moved past that, but I guess not.)

It takes a bit of effort on Mal’s part to convince the crew (particularly Wash, who is aghast that they haven’t just outright dumped her into space for trying to kill them all), but Zoe’s well-timed punch to Saffron’s face sort of made everything ok? Like I was totally ok with them working with her once that happened. I am but a simple man.

But actually, that’s not totally true. I was beginning to understand why they were working with Saffron, but I didn’t trust her in the slightest. Her flippant confidence was unsettling. She had just the right thing to say and her plan worked far too well, so it became a game in my head to try and anticipate the exact moment she would turn on Mal and take the laser for herself.

And then Durren Haymer walks in on Mal and Saffron stealing the laser and, instead of trying to stop them, rushes to embrace Safron, thanking Mal for returning his wife Yolanda.

It’s at that moment that we realize the true scope of Saffron’s con, which most likely involved many, many men over the years. In those first few seconds, as Mal’s face reflects the shock of our own, her character transforms before our eyes. Props to Ben Edlund and Jose Molina, who co-wrote this episode together, because it’s a particularly fantastic bit of writing. So much about character building on Firefly is slow, with pieces fall into place bit-by-bit. Saffron’s character changes in an instant and it’s a great change for the scope of the show.

Mal also begins to have his own thoughts about Saffron and he theorizes that Durran was actually Saffron’s first husband and her initial betrayal as well. She breaks down, briefly, realizing that she lost something that may have actually given her meaning to her life, to allow her to stop running from everything. When she tries to play it off as part of a con on Mal, I felt that she was merely covering for what she viewed as a moment of weakness on her part. I don’t know, maybe I was tricked by Saffron’s character as well, but the moment seemed so genuine there for a second that I couldn’t believe it was all fake.

Anyway, it leads us to the opening scene: Mal, stranded in Isis Canyon, completely naked and without the gun or the shuttle. This is when the scene is re-contextualized yet again when we learn that Inara is the ACTUAL long con, the failsafe in case Saffron tries to cheat Mal. She confronts Saffron, takes the laser, and shuts her into one of the garbage containers. It’s probably the last time we’ll ever see her.

This ending does tie things up nicely, but in a way that shows Mal that he should really stop second-guessing Inara. She ends up the one with the last laugh, so to speak, and I imagine it was her idea to be the failsafe against Saffron.

Here’s to hoping that the Mal/Inara relationship sees better days in the future.


  • Oh wow, Nathan Fillion was actually naked.
  • “She’ll turn you in before you can say….don’t turn me in, lady.”
  • “You can’t do this! I have a condition!”
  • The River/Simon/Jayne story line was almost more interesting than the entire episode, which is pretty damn spectacular, considering how the main plot thrust was also incredibly engaging. It seems Simon is ready to accept that River is much more special than he ever thought; it motivated his confrontation with Jayne, which, by the way, was riveting. It also set a tone for his character that directly contrasted with what Jayne would probably have done if the roles were reversed. Simon’s threat is actually one of non-violence. Jayne is part of the crew and Simon unconditionally exists to protect and save him.
  • I have a friend who lives in Lake L.A. up in the Antelope Valley and as the episode opened, I yelled, “FILMED IN DESIREE’S BACKYARD.” Because that is EXACTLY what her backyard looks like.
  • “Also, I can kill you with my brain.” Best threat ever????

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221 Responses to Mark Watches ‘Firefly’: Episode 11 – Trash

  1. Randomcheeses says:

    Yep. Best. Threat. Ever.

    <3 River!

  2. becca516 says:

    Once my brother walked in on me watching Firefly, saw naked Mal and ran out screaming, "AAAAAAAAAAH NAKED MAN!!!" Which caused my parents to ask lots of questions about what I was watching.

    Later my brother walked into my room again and Mal just happened to be naked AGAIN and my brother ran out screaming, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH NAKED MAN!"

    And so, in my family, Firefly is known as "The Naked Man Show."

  3. petite-dreamer says:

    I'm wondering where Saffron – well, first of all, I'm wondering what that woman's name was – but I'm wondering where her companion training fit into her timeline. Did she, in fact, genuinely marry Duran and then became trained after she ran away, or was she trained and actually working as a companion when Duran gave her an offer similar to the one Inara got in Shindig, or something in between?

    • LadyLately says:

      I'm going to say she was trained before meeting Duran. I got the impressions that since Companions are at least partially inspired by geisha (although geisha are not prostitutes and that is a stupidstupid stereotype and -foam-), the arts/etiquette/grace training starts long before any of the sexual aspect comes in, and so most start training as teens.

  4. karate0kat says:

    The look on Wash's face at the end when he's trying really hard not to look down just kills me.

    <img src=""&gt;

  5. EldaTaluta says:

    Heh. Yosaffbridge is my favorite nickname for any character ever.

  6. banabou says:

    Re: the "immature, childish round of bickering between Mal and Inara", at first I was frustrated (as were you) that they were covering old, cranky ground again. But when Inara popped up at the end, I took that to mean the bickering they did early in the episode was just something they did to fool Saffron. They made it seem like there was a wedge between them so Saffron wouldn't count on Inara as a factor while planning her double-cross.

  7. Browncoat says:

    Serenity shirt. Shiny.

  8. cait0716 says:

    Yes! Yo-Saff-Bridg is my favorite! I like to think that if the show had gone on she would have been a recurring character who eventually became a regular and had a truly awesome arc. Alas, it was not to be.

    • Ncuday says:

      That might mean Christina Hendricks might never have played Joan Holloway on Mad Men, and I just can live in that world! I do love Yo-Saff-Bridge though, and like so many things on Firefly, I'm anxious to know what would have panned out if it had more seasons.

  9. Karen says:

    When I think of favorite Firefly episodes, this one doesn't automatically spring to mind, but whenever I find myself rewtching it I find myself loving it. For some reason I just kind of forget about it, but when I do watch it, I love it.

    Saffron/Yolanda/Bridget is pretty much my favorite of the recurring characters and is just yet another reason to mourn the too soon cancellation of this show. I would have loved to see her pop up in episodes throughout the show's run. She's such a puzzle. I would have loved to find out more about her.

  10. Meltha says:

    Simon is a very, very morally evolved human being. I think to some extent he was a foil to Yosaffbridge in this one. Nobody can ever trust here. On the other hand, everybody can always trust Simon. Nice parallel… er, or would that be a perpendicular?

    • cait0716 says:

      If the show had continued I'm sure the two of them would eventually have had some pretty great interactions.

  11. Kaci says:

    Ben Edlund: once again proving he's one of the best TV writers out there. (I'm sorry, Mark, but it has to be said!)

    Re: the bickering between Mal and Inara, I agree with the above commenter who said that they took it as part of the plan, to make Saffron/Yolanda discount their relationship so that she would never suspect Inara was the failsafe. Which isn't to say that it couldn't have been real–Mal's a stubborn man and Inara definitely has a willful personality (one of my favorite things about her–she holds her own and isn't a pushover)–only that I personally interpreted it as part of the con.

    And the Simon/River/Jayne story? I am in all-out love with that. She can kill you with her brain, Jayne Cobb. And Simon will save you because that's what he does.

  12. monkeybutter says:


    I love the whole break-up over intercom bit! I really have no complaints about this episode or the past few ones. It makes it hard to let go!

  13. deleted8283356 says:

    Mark, I'm glad you mentioned Mal's attitude toward Inara's profession. I had been thinking about it and wanted to reply.

    I think Mal has every right to disrespect Inara's profession. Here's how I think he sees it: he doesn't completely buy Inara's talk about having total free will to reject any potential client, or accept ones she only feels a strong connection with. I don't totally buy it either; I mean, she still has to make a living and that has to impact her choices. She does have free will – but only up to a certain point. She chooses not to explore the realities that lie beyond that point, because the "free will" side of it is more important to her. Mal only sees the other side that certain point, because the "constraint" side of it is more abhorrent to him. If that makes any sense.

    • jshen says:

      I think that Wing, under normal circumstances, would have appeared to be a "perfect gentleman," and it was only when he was pushed by Mal that he showed his true colors.

    • Pseudonymph says:

      I think this is definitely a good point but I just wish Mal could actually say this instead of just calling her a whore. She doesn't have total free will but neither does Mal or anyone who has to work for a living.

      Clients, the kind of people you have to work for or with will always constrain your choices and your lifestyle. I don't think Inara is deceiving herself any more than Mal is. She enjoys her job and it does afford her a lot more autonomy and respect than the average job. She is bound to get the occasional client who turns out to be a jerk but so does anyone else who works and she is fully capable of dealing with the situation in a way that maintains her dignity and safety, as evidenced by how she dealt with Atherton.
      I don't think she ever actually says she has total free will nor does she imply it. I think that she just wants Mal to view are job like any other job. It constrains her in certain ways but it also gives her certain freedom that other working people don't have.

      I think the bottom line is that she enjoys her job, she's good at it, and Mal's disrespect for her job is based more on his distaste for the Alliance and his repressed feelings for her than it is on any of Inara's choices.

      I think that she and Mal and the work they do is actually more similar than either of them realizes.

    • MichelleZB says:

      Just because some of the men she chooses are nicer than others doesn't mean she didn't choose them. As someone else says, she probably does actually choose to put up with some pretentious assholes because, well… they pay her. And it's her job.

      We all have better and worse days at work. But it doesn't mean we are being forced into our job.

  14. Fuchsia says:

    On the DVD version, the shot of Mal sitting on the rock completely naked is the still for the episode menu. That was my first introduction to this episode, and I knew it was going to be a good one!

  15. Hotaru-hime says:

    Back when you were gushing over Mal in a floral bonnet, I wanted to say "WAIT TILL YOU SEE HIM NAKED!" but realized that was a spoiler.
    So yes, naked Nathan Fillion~~
    Inara and Mal like each other, but I think Mal's too scared of it, which is probably why he puts Inara down so much. It's a sad attempt at dissuasion.

  16. bookling says:

    <img src="×400/1000021043.jpg"&gt;


    I'm sorry, did something else happen in this episode?

    • affableevil says:

      <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

    • FeedYourHead says:

      I'll be in my bunk.

    • whatsername says:

      Also, that tattoo is real. NF said as such on his Twitter, which amused me to no end.

      • bookling says:

        Do you know what it actually is? I'm always trying to make it out but can't really tell.

        • whatsername says:

          Very much not sure! Always looked like something kinda military-y to me, like stylized wings.

        • Brittney says:

          Back in the day (on the original Firefly forum* that Fox had for the show), Nathan Fillion told us it's an Egyptian hieroglyph that meant (I think) peace. Or maybe it was hieroglyph combined with a peace symbol? Something like that. He said he got it when he was a teenager and regrets doing it, but that it was during a phase when he was really into ancient Egypt.

          *For those who don't know: when the show was still airing, Fox had a Prospero forum where people could talk about the show (or whatever). After "Out of Gas" aired, we were hearing/reading rumors of cancellation and Joss and several of the cast members started posting on the board, as well as some people from Mutant Enemy (Joss' production company), namely, Kelly Wheeler and Chris Buchanan (if you're a Whedonite, those names no doubt mean something to you). ANYWAY, they started posting as a way to really get the fans motivated and hopefully drive up their viewer numbers.

          Of course, we were already HIGHLY motivated and had already raised the money for the Variety ad that appeared during sweeps, but seeing posts by THE Joss Whedon? Nathan Fillion? Adam Baldwin? And getting to converse with them? Omg the board went completely batshit. I…may have been among the batshitters. 😉 I think Ron Glass also posted, and I know Morena Baccarin did, maybe Jewel, as well? It's been a long time.

          Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin became regulars on the board after that. Especially Adam Baldwin — he was super active in the political threads. Their participation and the sense that we were actually able to have real conversations and interactions with our Firefly heroes pretty much cemented the fandom's die-hard devotion to this show and everyone associated with it. Basically, that forum — which is mostly referred to as the OB for "Old Board" or "Original Board" — is how we got the movie, the annual Browncoat Balls (hee), the fandom DVD, the Can't Stop the Serenity fundraisers for Equality Now, etc. etc.

          The OB is still around, crazily enough: Someone at Fox still pays for it and it's still active. Not with the kind of numbers like it had way back in the day, but I think it's a testament to the show and the power of its influence on fans that the OB is going.

          Aaannnd thus endeth the fanthropology lesson you didn't even ask for. 😉

          • bookling says:

            That is amazing. Sadly, I didn't see Firefly until after Serenity came out. I don't even remember being aware of its existence when it was airing — never saw an ad or anything. It's too bad, because so many people have fallen in love with the show since then and if half of us had been watching then, maybe it wouldn't have been cancelled.

          • Openattheclose says:

            This sounds like the Firefly version of what the Bronze was for the Buffy fandom.

          • grlgoddess says:

            So much love for this post. I always seem to miss the really interesting parts of fanhistory (I would give anything to be able to be around during the time of Cassie Clare in HP fandom), and I love reading about all the stuff I missed.

  17. Asta says:

    Jayne is a girl's name.

  18. porcupine8 says:

    See, I came away with the impression that Mal and Inara's "fight" was 100% part of the con and the plan had always been to let Saffron think she'd won. So when Mal says "That went well" while naked, he's being totally serious – this was all part of the plan, and he knows that Saffron has walked right into the Inara trap.

    I'm undecided, though, on whether the rest of the crew were in on it or if their indignation at accepting Saffron's help was genuine. I sort of want to think that they all helped devise the plan from the start, and had it all in place before bringing Saffron in for them all to make a show of resisting her help, but I'm not sure.

    • cait0716 says:

      Inara's line that "some of the others' performances weren't as nuanced as I thought they could be" implies that everyone was in on it. I don't think their acting was all the much of a stretch, though, considering what happened last time.

  19. lisra says:

    Definetly the funniest firefly episode… had a good time watching that.

  20. echinodermata says:

    This is one of my least favorite Firefly episodes, and it's STILL awesome.

  21. thiamalonee says:

    One of my favorite moments in this episode is when Saffron is pitching her idea, and Wash has a confused look on his face. She comments that he's wondering why she needs them, but he says that his question is "We're in space, how did she get here?" and we realize that there wasn't an intro by Mal that the show cut, the crew is literally just seeing YoSaffBridge and she launches into her pitch.

    Plus it sets up the "She hitched." " I don't recall pulling over!"

    When Wash shouts "where did she come from?

  22. Mauve_Avenger says:

    "An antiquity of unspeakable value: the Lassiter."
    <img src=""&gt;
    Lassiter's not sure how he's supposed to feel about this, to be honest.

  23. Multiplicitous says:

    I hope your love of Christina Hendricks derives from the fact that you already watch Mad Men. If you don't I will be a sad panda until you do (and blog about it!)

  24. D.J. says:

    The scene with Simon River and Jayne goes back to something I mentioned before; that a lot of attention is paid to how Joss defies stereotypes with his female characters, and I love that he does it with his male characters as well. The way Simon handles Jayne in this scene shows how, even though Jayne's got the muscles and the guns and the propensity for violence, Simon is the bigger man. No violence, no raised voice. Simon's quietly threatening here, but makes no actual threats – exactly the opposite. (River took care of that on her end later;). It's just brilliant.

    I also like that Simon didn't question River's insight.

    • notemily says:

      What I love about that scene is the way Simon makes his point. As he's telling Jayne that he will never harm him, he's injecting him with stuff and doing other random things (Jayne probably has no idea what they're for), which just drives the point home that he COULD harm him if he wanted to, VERY easily. It's such a well-done scene.

  25. kellythered says:

    I think YoSaffBridge's emotion was genuine, but I also think she's the kind of person who, in the back of her mind, will always try to figure out how to turn a situation to her advantage, and she can't turn it off. I wonder about her backstory, because something must have happened for her to think that nothing is real and everyone's just pretending to be good. It smacks of the whole "They can't hurt me if I hurt them first" mentality. It's like she's justifying to herself that her actions are okay because EVERYONE is like that, but if she has to justify it then on some level she has to know it's bad, which I think means at some point she felt bad about what she was doing. Or I could just be talking out of my ass, who knows.

    That being said, this episode is just so much FUN. I think one of my favorite parts is the super tense moment when Zoe and Kaylee almost get smushed by the trash collector. I've seen this episode so many times and I freak out at that part every single time.

    Another thing I like about this episode is that it highlights another difference between rich Alliance people and the poorer rest of society. This is a society that has laser and sonic weapons, but Mal, Zoe, and the other poorer people just stick with guns and bullets while the richer people get the fancier weapons. Inara has a laser weapon and she too belongs to the upper class, even if she does fly on Serenity. I just thought that was a neat detail the show put in, because it makes sense but isn't something you see too often on scifi shows.

    Also, Mark, you are now in the homestretch. This is the part of the show I hate the most, because with each episode you watch you become more aware that it's almost over. I've only seen the episodes on the last disc twice because it depresses me too much when I watch them.

  26. buyn says:

    Jayne ought to show his manparts to River. I'm just saying, him and Cap'n got an eyeful of her… Going to go sit in the creepy corner now.

  27. Hanah says:

    Ooh are we looking through a telescope?
    YAY I love stories that start in medias res 😀
    Nice 'tash mate
    'Soup catcher' LOL
    Mal you're not exactly a bachelor yourself…remember Saffron?
    LOL OMG REALLY?!? I clearly have prophetic powers
    Can you buy this song anywhere?
    Lol was the dramatic dog pile really necessary?
    FAIL SAFFRON. Or should I say Bridget? FAIL GIRL
    Man I kind of forgot how annoying she is…
    Do you really think that's going to work?
    I really love her top
    There's like, no way this isn't a set-up
    We love YOU Kaylee 😀
    Love you too Wash!
    Doesn't she do tea for her Companion people?
    Sexy sexy dress
    Hee use your feminine wiley wiles Inara!
    Aww no don't fight guys 🙁
    Bellerephon? Is that the planet's name? I <3 the classical references in this show
    ILU Jayne XD
    YEAH YOU TELL THEM INARA. Love the cardie, btw
    Little Kaylee, you're so cute
    STFU Saffron GO YOU ZOE
    Does this mean Simon won't be in it much? 🙁
    YAY ANOTHER PLANNING MONTAGE. Oh show, it's like you looked into my heart and gave me what I always desired
    Yeah go Kaylee and her genius ideas 😀
    So those boxes only have one bit of rubbish in them? What a massive waste
    Because nobody will notice the massive spaceship floating under the house?
    Careful with my Kaylee!
    If I had an antique laser gun, I wouldn't keep it in the middle of the room. What a space-killer
    Come on Wash, you can do it!!
    Uh oh…
    Yolanda? Oh hey Shepherd!
    Huh so this is weird. Was this her plan? To…get back to her husband? Or is she tricking him too?
    Well that's a MASSIVE LIE
    Saffron you're so full of shit
    Lol awkward turtle…
    Lol Mal just run, they're totally not paying attention OH WELL DONE MAN
    YES! You go girl ;D
    Yosaffbridge? Nice
    Aww poor rich dude 🙁
    Ha her crazytime
    Oh snazzy!
    Is she lying? Or being straight? IT'S SO HARD TO TELL DAMMNIT
    Aww poor YoSaffBridge 🙁 Well, not really because she totally brought it all on herself but still.
    She's going to do something sneaky isn't she? Because Mal ends up naked
    What's she twitching for?
    HAHAHAHA. I mean, I love Mal but still. That's good.
    FUCK YEAH INARA! You're looking FINE
    Oooooh Simon and Jayne showdown…
    Fuck yeah Simon. You nail him
    Simon? ILU. A lot. You're so the better person
    He's just…wandering around naked. Awesome
    Love how they're just fixed determinedly on his eyes 😛
    LOVE YOU SHOW. Though this episode was probably my least favourite so far, still. LOVE YOU SHOW

    • pica_scribit says:

      Heh. Remember yesterday when you were saying why can't they bring back Saffron? I giggled all over the place, but I kept my mouth shut!

    • takashid says:

      sigh… only three more episodes and the Bid Damn Movie…

      • Hanah says:

        The Big Damn Movie is on order and PLEASE UNIVERSE PLEASE will arrive with me soon! I'm not sure I can wait more than a day or so to come to the end proper.

    • cait0716 says:

      There is a Firefly soundtrack that includes the theme song. I don't know if it's available on iTunes or anything, but a buyable version does exist.

  28. Tilja says:

    Naked Mal! Zoey's complete control over her reactions at seeing that image is praiseworthy. Kaylee is still the best in all the land. Wash's reactions are most hilarious. Inara is just awesome in everything. Simon's non-violent badassery is great, and so are River's very exact and spooky threats. We need more Book! Jayne-with-a-girl-name, never change, please.

    I have to think like Cleolinda and say that your innocence is precious. You really seem to display a lot of unadulterated amazement at many things that have lost their charm for me a long time ago. It's nice, you know. I can see through you a lot of things that for me mean only repetition, while for you are things to take into notice because they're there, so I can end up seeing them as well.

    I'll be waiting for the next review to know which chapter to watch. Yes, still with the problem of naming disorder.

  29. CamusDude says:

    Watching Serenity now. Can't WAIT till you see the movie! (The last two episodes are also amazing. Can't wait for your commentary on that too!)

  30. stellaaaaakris says:

    Thank god for this episode. I just got Internet back last night so I had the chance to catch up with this show. I couldn't sleep last night from coughing, general inability to breathe, etc., so I decided to watch War Stories. Of fucking hell, not a good idea. This epi let me sleep with lots of happy thoughts.

    I don't think I've ever been so excited during a "As previously seen" montage as I was in this one. I had just been thinking about how I wanted more Inara since she doesn't seem quite as fleshed out as the other characters. And then there she was! And then Saffron appeared too! Could it be? Would the awesomest guest be back? Oh, hey Bridget/Saffron! So much happy.

    Personally I thought Saffron was faking the emotion at the end for the most part. Maybe she felt a little remorse or whatever it was she was supposed to be feeling, but I don't really buy it. What, I'm a jaded New Yorker, I have a very real tendency not to believe people. Just kidding. But I still don't think it was 100% genuine. And when Mal sat next to her, I actually started muttering, "No, no, Mal, don't sit there. Sit on the OTHER side. No, no, no."

    I love River. THANK YOU for calling out that the name Jayne is a girl's name. In this future it seems like names are pretty similar to today's, so I can't imagine Jane/Jayne becoming a guy's name. Also, simply loved the whole dialog exchange between Jayne and the Tams. And the whole "I can kill you with my brain." I totally believe it.

    Such a feel good episode. Oh and Nathan Fillion wandering around naked. That was pretty good too.

  31. totiebinds says:

    Nathan Fillion's backside is one of the most glorious on television. In a moment of weirdness, I once texted a short sonnet about it to a friend. True story.

  32. quizzabella says:

    I absolutely loved Kaylee skipping down towards naked! Mal acting as though nothing was untoward at all. Bless her little cotton socks.

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  34. Narcissaa says:


    <img src=""&gt;

    <img src=""&gt;

    <img src=""&gt;

  35. ramondestroys says:

    Mal's got back.

    I'll finally be caught up tonight. Sad it's coming to an end 🙁

  36. eleniel says:

    Re: Mal and Inara; the shuttle conversation pissed me off so much, when Mal got all offended and hurt that Inara called him a "petty thief". Really, dude? You call her a whore and talk about how you respect her but not her job, and then get offended when she shows the same attitude to you? Get some self-awareness, buddy. (To be fair, I think the show itself acknowledges Mal is being a hypocrite here.)

    The scene with Simon, Jayne, and River at the end was just amazing. I love Simon and River so very much.

    • notemily says:

      It was supposed to be played for laughs, like, Mal gets hurt by being called a "petty thief" the same way Kaylee gets hurt by her ship being insulted–but coupled with the way he just called her a whore, it does make an uncomfortable juxtaposition.

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