Announcing the Mark Watches ‘His Dark Materials’ liveblog series!

Hello, friends! Odds are, the vast majority of you are now dealing with our society shutting down to prevent the spread of COVID-19. I am now fully working from home as well in isolation to do my part not to catch or spread this virus, and I realized that we are all gonna get bored as SHIT pretty quickly.

Over on Patreon, I am hosting a Patrons-only liveblog tomorrow for Jupiter Ascending, the first of a number of Patrons-only liveblogs. But I wanted to do a number of public ones as well, and the lovely DaveCFilmGeek gave me the brilliant idea to finally sit down and watch the recent His Dark Materials adaptation for an ongoing liveblog.

All of these liveblogs will happen here on Mark Watches at 2:00pm Eastern time according to the schedule below. Please consult a world clock for the time it will happen in your time zone! There will be a post for each liveblog that will go up an hour before the start of the liveblog to explain the rules for them. But basically? At the set time, we all start the respective episode, and we use the comment section below to have a party. ROT13 will still be required for spoilers, especially since I’ve not seen the series.

Here’s the schedule I am planning:

March 18 – Episode 1
March 20 – Episode 2
March 22 – Episode 3
March 24 – Episode 4
March 26 – Episode 5
March 28 – Episode 6
March 30 – Episode 7
April 1 – Episode 8

All liveblogs are open to the public and free! Only the Patreon liveblogs require a patronage at any level.

The point of these is twofold: one, I hope it entertains us all amidst what amounts to a pretty terrifying crisis. I think we’ll all need the distraction. Two: I HAVE WAITED TO WATCH THESE EPISODES FOR TOO LONG AND I NEED IT BADLY.

I’ve left the post open for suggestions for future liveblogs, as I expect this shutdown to last a month at the very least. Please suggest away! Otherwise: see y’all very soon. I’m so excited I finally get to watch this with all of you.

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