Mark Finishes ‘Alias’: Q&A Party

I can’t believe we’re actually here, but I DID IT. I watched all of Alias! Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I’ll get into what Q&A days are and how they work in a second. But first: predictions!

  • Nadia is cured of her infection by the end of the first episode. I tried. I did not succeed.
  • Vaughn will be in a coma until the end of the first episode. Hi, everything is pain forever.
  • We will find out Vaughn’s big secret at the end of the first episode. Was I a big secret? Who even fucking knows???
  • And he’ll reveal that he was sent to spy on Sydney by the CIA to keep tabs on Sloane/Jack. This… was not a terrible theory. I actually like!
  • Vaughn and Sydney will get married by the end of the season. F I N A L L Y. All is right in the world.
  • Irina will re-appear by the halfway point of the season. Close! I think it was JUST after?
  • Katya Derevko will die. She didn’t!
  • So will Sark. HE SURVIVED OMG.
  • So will Irina. But Irina did not.
  • Season 5 is going to deal mostly with the ramifications of Vaughn’s secret identity. You know what? Fuck it, this counts, IT’S TECHNICALLY RIGHT.
  • Arvin will NOT be head of APO anymore, but he will still work there. Oh, wow, I got this right, too!
  • Weiss and Nadia will also get married by the end of the season. FUCK EVERYTHING.
  • There will be a new threat as the arc of season 5. Hello, Prophet Five!
  • Dixon and Director Chase will make their relationship public. I’m still made about this. 
  • The season will actually end on a positive note. IT ACTUALLY DID. THE ONE THING I WANTED ACTUALLY HAPPENED.
  • HOWEVER, I’m guessing that Arvin’s attempt at redemption will FAIL. Y’ALL, I FEEL SO VICTORIOUS. SO. VICTORIOUS.

So, as a way to sort of think about a longer series as a whole, I host Q&A’s upon finishing them. Now is your chance to ask me questions about Alias as a whole! Favorite episodes, least favorite, arcs, general sense of the show, etc. You can now share fanworks (fanfic, fanart, etc.) with me without fear of spoiling me, as well as letting me know behind-the-scenes stuff!

ALSO: You don’t have to ask me stuff about Alias! This review is up earlier than usual so that I can spend all day answering your questions, so feel free to use this as an opportunity to talk about ANYTHING! Thank you for watching Alias with me, friends. Up next: Yuri On Ice!

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