Mark Predicts ‘Steven Universe’: Season 3

I can’t believe I’ve made it to season three of this show, but here we are. Before I progress forward, let’s revisit what I thought was gonna happen in season two. LAUGH AT ME, IT’S FINE.

Okay, first things first:

  1. Steven will have to tell Connie what happened, or at least keep her in the loop. YES. OFF TO A GOOD START.
  2. The Homeworld will send more Gems after Peridot reports back. Technically… no? I mean, there probably will be after the events in “Message Received,” but we don’t see any. 
  3. We will see the Lapis/Jasper fusion again. H E L P.
  4. Lapis will turn against the Homeworld. Also technically? So yes. 
  5. There will be an entire episode set on the Homeworld. “The Answer” comes closest to this. 
  6. We will see Stevonnie once. STEVONNIE FOREVER.
  7. Lion will get another episode centered around them! Again… sort of?
  8. We will learn more about Kindergarten. WHY DID I SAY THIS. I TAKE IT BACK.
  9. We will learn why it was obvious to Garnet that Steven could escape the jail cells in “Jail Break.” Oh my god, WE DON’T ACTUALLY KNOW, DO WE????
  10. Each main group of Beach City – the Pizza family, the Fry family, Sadie/Lars, the cool kids, Dewey, etc – will get an episode centered on them. More of the Pizza family!!!
  11. Steven will develop TWO new powers! Maybe in season three? 
  12. We will see Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst fuse together once. Oh god, does the Internet short count?
  13. We will meet FIVE new Gems by the end of the season. Okay, so here’s the thing: DOESN’T “THE ANSWER” MAKE THIS ONE TRUE? We met many new gems there!
  14. And finally, I think the end of season two will be Peridot’s return with an army to take back Earth. WRONG WRONG WRONG, TOTALLY NOT READY.

Which means… that wasn’t so bad. I did okay! I feel renewed and shall wander with abandon into predicting season 3, and that will be my downfall.

Predictions for season 3 of Steven Universe

  1. The drill will be activated.
  2. The Cluster will begin to emerge at some point.
  3. The Cluster will be destroyed.
  4. We will see Lapis Lazuli again.
  5. We will also see Jasper.
  6. We will officially meet the Blue Diamond as well.
  8. Yellow Diamond will send those gems to destroy Peridot, the Crystal Gems, and take back Earth.
  10. Steven develops a new power!
  11. We’ll get a Rose Quartz flashback episode.
  12. As well as a musical episode.
  14. Lars and Sadie will go on a date.
  15. Peridot and Ronaldo will meet at some point.
  16. I have no clue how this season will end. I don’t think the Cluster will be the season finale at all, which means I don’t know what other story will happen. I’M SCARED.

Here we go!

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