Mark Watches ‘Deep Space Nine’: Season 3 Predictions

HELLO, EVERYONE. While our uninterrupted run of Deep Space Nine does not last too long before I watch Generations and start Voyager, I’m still very thrilled to get to watch this show back-to-back for a couple weeks or so. LET’S TALK SEASON THREE.

First things first: predictions for last season!

  1. I think we’ll see the aftermath of Vedek Winn’s assassination attempt on Vedek Bareil at some point. GOOD LORD, I WASN’T READY.
  2. Meaning we’ll see both characters! I STILL WAS NOT READY.
  3. The next Kai will be chosen this season. LOOK, I’M ACTUALLY GETTING THIS RIGHT.
  4. We’ll get another episode addressing Sisko’s role as the Emissary. I’m counting “The Collaborator.”
  5. Quark will get locked up once this season. HE HONESTLY DID.
  6. Dax will meet another Trill this season. HAVE I EVER BEEN SO GOOD
  7. Kira will butt heads about Bajoran policy in DS9 with Sisko over the course of a whole episode. It cannot be a single plot confined to a single scene; it has to be the whole episode. Okay, this is a tough one. Does “Cardassians” count? WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS.
  8. Odo will learn more about his species by the end of the season! Unfortunately, no 🙁
  9. We’ll get at least two episodes that take place on the other side of the wormhole. so many episodes SO MANY
  10. We’ll see inside one of the holosuites this season. I notice that DS9 doesn’t really deal with holosuites much, if at all. There’s so much story to tell!
  11. We’ll see how Keiko deals with opposition to her school in this season. I honestly expected to see more of this in season 2.
  12. We’ll see Julian deal with romantic feelings for someone other than Dax this season. Garak counts. GARAK COUNTS.
  13. By the end of the season, we’ll get a new plot that ISN’T about the Bajoran reconstruction. T H E  D O M I N I O N 
  15. Oooh! Jake will make a new friend on DS9. Did he? I swear one was mentioned.
  16. There will be at least one two-parter this season. SO MANY.

God, season 2 was a lot of fun. And thus, let’s move onwards to season 3!

Predictions for Season 3 of Deep Space Nine

  1. We will see who else belongs to the Dominion.
  2. At one point, we’ll see or meet the “Founders.”
  3. The Dominion threat will take up a great deal of season 3.
  4. Odo will learn more about his origins. (I JUST WANT THIS.)
  5. Another Garak + Bashir episode!
  6. We’ll get three episodes with Kai Winn and three with Vedek Bareil.
  7. We’ll get an episode about someone from Dax’s past.
  8. Kira will break things off with Bareil.
  9. We’ll get an episode that takes place in the Mirror Universe!
  10. I will not be able to handle the adorableness of Sisko’s relationship with Jake.
  11. We’ll see another Trill.
  12. I still want another episode dealing solely with the ramifications of the Cardassian occupation of Bajor. I’M NOT DONE WITH THIS STORYLINE.
  13. Maybe an episode solely about Gul Dukat???
  14. And one about Jake, too?

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